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Bàideanach belongs to John Red Comyn. He considerably increased his ownership since the announcement was made that John Balliol, the king of Scotland, was abdicating. Indeed, Red Comyn’s pretentions on the Scottish Crown are the most legitimate since he has a double royal descent, i.e. Celtic and Norman. Thus, in addition to gaining the Scotto-Norman gentlemen’s support, he is backed by the Highland people who have been wishing for a king of Celtic ancestry for quite a while now. He therefore stands as the ideal candidate, the one who could rally Scotland’s two opposing forces.

Over the past few years, Red Comyn attempted to convince the Seelie fairies to join his troops but, for now, they wish to remain neutral. Nevertheless, he can count on several gentlemen who remained loyal to their lord and on numerous experimented Celtic warriors who always fought the English army with ardour. Red Comyn’s men are courageous and proud of their country and they ardently wish to place on the throne the man they consider as being the heir to the kingdom.

William Wallace and John Red Comyn share the role of Riaghladair Alba (Guardian of Scotland). Both men wage a war against Robert Bruce who refuses to submit to this shared regency. To assert his legitimacy, Red Comyn must win the impending battle as it will seal the fate of Scotland.


As General
Cost to promote to Baron: +40%


Scotto-Normans: French and Celtic units gain 10% in Toughness.
The Riaghladair’s Army: Morale Sensitivity is lowered by 10% for Lowborn and Celtic units.

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