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Decurion Miniature
  • Strengthens and heals his Retinue
  • His spells cost life
  • Shines against strong foes

The Decurion is an eight-foot tall, hard-hitting angel Hero clad in heavy armour. Capable of both offensive and defensive spells, he is a well-rounded Hero suited for many different tasks. He is a real combat powerhouse, consistently dealing large amounts of damage, deflecting enemy attacks and casting protective spells to improve his fighting capacities. This Hero, however, is not one for prolonged combat, as he will burn through his Fatigue and Veil reserves extremely fast. As such, he should only be used in critical fights where he can really make a difference.

Heroic Power

  • Avenger: The damage dealt by the unit increases progressively as the unit loses Retinue members.


Story Notes

A Decurion's point of view

Angels are emblematic creatures of the Ex illis world. They first appeared ten years after the Montségur events, but quickly rose to prominence as one of the most important races of fleaudians, both in number and power.

They were the only creatures welcomed by the Church and thus easily accepted by society in general. Blessed with extreme physical stature (some are eight feet tall) and often capable of potent magic, the angels formed an inexorable armed force at the service of papacy and are unstoppable by conventional means. This led to an era during which the Church dominated secular states, which in turn quickly degenerated into the abuses of the Captura Grandis. After the Crozada Coeli –a pan-European war between the Church and Europe’s major kingdoms – the angels fell out of favour and had to adapt to new realities.

Archangels are second-lowest in the angelic hierarchy, between the rank of simple angels and that of principalities. They are generally more muscular than their lower counterparts and more suited for combat and magic in general. While not as numerous as certain other types of fleaudians, they are present in most parts of the vast Abrahamic world (Jewish, Christian and Islamic countries), making their total population difficult to assess.

In Europe, archangels were mainly used in Papal armies, where they were trained to serve as first-level officers in angelic contingents. They instinctively used the military structure of the ancient Roman Empire, dividing armies into centuries, maniples, cohorts and legions.

By 1292, King Philippe IV of France had forced Pope Clemens V to disband the angelic troops to reinforce his control over the vanquished Church in Roma. Most angels, who had known nothing but the rigorous structure of the army, suddenly had to fend for themselves and were hunted by an angry populace who had seen them, justly or not, as their persecutors during the Captura Grandis. It took many years and the leadership of strong individuals such as Michael and Sammael to give the angelic races a new place in society.

N.B.: The word ‘archangel’ also refers to a title of nobility inside the celestial hierarchy. This does not refer to the race described above but should be seen as a replacement of the word ‘prince’ for angels. While many members of this angelic nobility died during the wars of the Rückeroberung and the Crozada Coeli, some noteworthy ones survived and are still quite active today, including Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Azrael, Sammael and Seraphiel.

Gameplay Summary

Capable of both combat and magic, the Decurion is a well-rounded Hero who should be a no-brainer for most armies. He can be seen as a duellist capable of going into the thickest melee and easily deal with the enemy’s strongest warriors. Able to boost his Retinue’s capabilities as well as his own, the Decurion should be left as a second wave hitter, sent in only to reinforce the most intense melees, where his presence might mark the difference between victory and defeat. With his high damage output, his deflection and retaliation skills to counter enemy hits and his heavy armour protection, he is a Hero who truly shines when facing elite foes.

His Achilles’ heel, however, lies in the fact that he tires quite quickly and should not be sent into a melee with many defensive units where he would lose all efficiency. Moreover sending him to deal with cheap or easy enemy troops is a waste of his potential, especially when another unit could have achieved the same result at a cheaper price.

Factions related to the Decurion/Centurion

Broken Wing
Legio Sancti
Lux Dei


Stats Highlights
Very good Strength
Good Accuracy
Heavy Armour
High damage
High cost
Fatigues fast
Resistance to Light
Weakness to Dark

Main Article: Stats


(Attack 175%)

Main melee weapon

Secondary melee weapon

Ranged Weapon










Granted Skills
Vengeful Strike - level 1 Benediction - level 1 Retinue Healing - level 1
Only usable from ground. Half of this weapon's damage is dealt as light elemental damage proportionally to the amount of life lost. Increases the Decurion and his Retinue's accuracy over 3 turns. The Decurion heals his Retinue unit.
Angelic Presence - level 5 Retinue Cleansing - level 10 Deflecting Stance - level 15
Over 3 turns, the Decurion is more intimidating and attracts more attacks to himself. Removes all of the Decurion and his Retinue's negative statuses. Defensive Stance. The Decurion retaliates to all deflected attacks.

Mastery Skills
Double Attack - level 20 Faith's Grip - level 20 Retinue Shielding - level 20
Only usable from ground. The Decurion attacks twice, but with a considerable accuracy penalty. The Decurion and his Retinue ignore morale changes over 2 turns. Improves all of the Decurion and his Retinue's elemental resistances over 3 turns.

Final Skills
Holy Judgement - level 40 Desecration - level 40 Retinue Resurrection - level 40
Light elemental attack targeting a specific enemy Hero in the same zone. Inflicts a morale penalty to every enemy unit in the same zone. Brings back to life defeated Retinue members.

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