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More often than the leaders were willing to admit, war has had a strong economic purpose. It has brought fortunes and ruination to every stratum of society, from kings to common soldiers. In all ages, the lure of the spoils of war has been reason enough to incite men to march to battle.

A large part of playing Ex illis is resolved outside the battlefield. On top of mustering your armies and levelling your troops, you can also amass loot, build an armoury, equip your troop, send units into training and build your own estate.


Gaining Loot

As you fight battles and aquire new units in Ex illis, you will gain chests containing both coins and items. These chests are stored at your Baggage Train and will remain there until you open them. Over time, you will accumulate a large armoury which in turn you can use to customize your units when creating a new muster.

The value of what you’ll find in a chest depends on two factors: the size of the chest and your own level. The size of the chest depends on the size of the game (larger games give larger chest) and if you won or lost the battle. This is the main way to accumulate loot.

Unlocking a new badge grants a chest. Heroic badges give larger chests.

Activating new units in your collection. New activation comes with a chest with items specific to what you just activated. This allows you to start with an initial amount of equipment for your troops. This doesn’t work for trial units.

Note: If you buy goods from the Shop, the Forge, the Lombard or the Guild Hall, these will be sent to your Baggage Train in a crate. Make sure to double-check there if you’ve lost tracks of your purchases.


Quality Stat modifier Cost of model
Worthless -10% Primary stat
-10% Secondary stat
Damaged -10% Primary stat -4%
Crude -10% Secondary stat -2%
Normal base value base value
Fine +10% Secondary stat +3%
Sturdy +10% Primary stat +6%
Elite +10% Primary stat
+10% Secondary stat

Weapons and armour can be found in chests, purchased at various stores or forged to get specific properties. As you gain these items, you have to place them in your Baggage Train, which can only carry a certain amount of items (between 48 and 240). This means that eventually you may have to choose what to keep and what to sell.

Items come in two types: individual pieces and stacks of a certain type of items. Heroes can only equip individual pieces and units can only equip stacks (for example, a billmen unit may only equip a Stack of Bills).

Each item has a primary and a secondary attributes which vary according to quality level of the item. The bonus or penalty associated to an item has an impact on the point value of model wearing it. The quality of the item influences the miniatures' stats and point cost as follow:

So for example, a sword has Weapon Damage as primary attribute, and Armour Piercing as secondary attribute. As such, a Fine Sword would grant a 10% Armour Piercing bonus and cost 3% of the model’s base points to equip.

Individual pieces Primary Stat Secondary Stat Who can equip
Amulet Elemental Resistance Veil Rate Marrenne
Cloak Elemental Resistance Veil Rate Marrenne
Dagger Elemental Resistance Veil Rate Marrenne
Great Helm Armour Fatigue Rate Decurion,
Knight Baneret,
Dismounted Baneret
Great Sword Weapon Damage Armour Piercing Decurion
Heather Shield Block Shield Knight Baneret,
Dismounted Baneret
Hell Plates Block Shield Emissarius
Hell Scythe Weapon Damage Armour Piercing Emissarius
Horse Barding Armour Fatigue Rate Knight Baneret
Lance Melee Accuracy Weapon Damage Knight Baneret
Plate Armour Armour Fatigue Rate Decurion,
Knight Baneret,
Dismounted Baneret
Sword Weapon Damage Armour Piercing Knight Baneret,
Dismounted Baneret
Stacks Primary Stat Secondary Stat Who can equip
Arbalests Weapon Damage Armour Piercing Arbalestiers
Bills Weapon Damage Melee Accuracy Billmen
Books Elelemental Res. Veil Rate Minores, Dominicani
Heather Shields Block Shield Franc Chevalers
Helmets Armour Fatigue Rate Franc Chevalers
Longbowmen, Mangonel,
Swordsmen, Spearmen
Horse Bardings Armour Fatigue Rate Franc Chevalers
Gambesons Armour Fatigue Rate Vileins, Arbalestiers
Longbowmen, Mangonel
Great Helms Armour Fatigue Rate Franc Chevalers,
Evocati, Nephilim
Great Swords Weapon Damage Melee Accuracy Evocati, Nephilim
Kite Shields Block Shield Swordsmen, Spearmen
Leather Caps Armour Fatigue Rate Vileins, Arbalestiers
Lances Melee Accuracy Weapon Damage Franc Chevalers
Longbows Weapon Damage Armour Piercing Longbowmen
Mails Armour Fatigue Rate Billmen, Hobelars
Med. Armours Armour Fatigue Rate Swordsmen, Spearmen
Pavises Missile Block Fatigue Rate Arbalestiers
Plate Armours Armour Fatigue Rate Evocati, Nephilim,
Franc Chevalers
Robes Elelemental Res. Veil Rate Minores, Dominicani
Round Shields Block Shield Hobelars
Spears Weapon Damage Armour Piercing Vileins, Hobelars,
Swords Weapon Damage Armour Piercing Franc Chevalers, Mangonel
Longbowmen, Swordsmen
Tridents Elelemental Res. Veil Rate Ympes

Magic properties

Items can have between 0 and 5 magical properties. The number of magical properties defines the color of the item. Items with no magical property appear in Grey and are called mundane; items with 1-2 properties appear in Green and are called magical; those with 3-4 properties appear in Blue and are called legendary; and those with 5 properties appear in Purple and are called epic.

Magical properties are divided into families of similar effects. Each family usually have 5 different levels of enhancement. Stronger properties have more chance of appearing on higher quality items. Also, the chance a property will appear depends on the nature of the item. For example, helmets rarely have properties to increase Weapon Damage, but are very likely to increase Armour or Elemental Resistance.

Each magical property over the first lowers the item's cost by 5% of its total value.

>>> See all Magical Properties <<<

Unique items

In some extremely rare cases, players can stumble upon an item of legend. These items belong to great heroes and have their own magical properties. Players looking for them should consider investing into the Lombard’s shop.

Here’s the list of unique item:

Unique Items Name Who can equip Cost Description Modifiers
Dyrnwyn Dismounted Baneret
Knight Baneret
+60% When drawn by a worthy or well-born man, the entire blade blazes with fire. Immune to Fire
Morale +40%
Additional Fire Damage equal to Magic
Caladbolg Decurion +65%  It was said to be a two-handed sword that made a circle like an arc of rainbow when swung, and to have the power to slice the tops off hills and slaughter an entire host. Weapon Damage + 50%
Armour Piercing +50%
Resist All +50%
Wallace's Mail William Wallace +25% The chainmail belonging to William Wallace. Morale Sensitivity -20%
Toughness +50%
Wallace's Sword William Wallace
+40% The great sword belonging to William Wallace. Melee Accuracy +50%
Strength +50%
Intimidation +50%
Durendal Dismounted Baneret
Knight Baneret
+85% The indestructible sword of Roland. Armour +50%
Toughness +50%
HP +50%
Earth Resistance +50%
Joyeuse Dismounted Baneret
Knight Baneret
+70% This sword was forged to contain the Lance of Longinus, which pierced the christ, within its pommel; Morale +50%
Initiative +50%
Death Scythe Emissarius +66% Mentioned in the Biblical Book of Revelations. It was to be used in the final harvest of human souls. Absorbs 20% of total damage dealth on Reap, applied as healing on the Emissarius.
Seal of Solomon Marrenne +50% A magical ring allowing the wearer to speak with animals and command demons. Demonic Motive +60.

Root is changed to the Light Element and ignores the target's Strength for the spell's resistance.

Chastisment Lucifer
+175% The sword granted to Lucifer by God. Retaliate +100%
Melee Accuracy + 100%
Deflect +100%
Evade +100%
Damage +100%
The Shield of Galahad Dismounted Baneret
Knight Baneret
+40% A shield adorned with a red cross painted with the blood of Joseph of Arimathea. Immune to Light
Immune to Dark
Wigar Dismounted Baneret
Knight Baneret
+150% The armor of King Arthur Armour +300%
Resist All +100%
HP +100%.

Equipping items

Equipping items is done in the mustering tab. The equipment chosen for a unit or hero is specific to each muster. This means that the same model can be equipped differently in different musters, or that an item can be put on one unit in a muster, and on a different one in a second muster. Selling an item from the Baggage Train however automatically removes this item from every muster it’s equipped in.

Point System

Items in your muster

In the Mustering system, equipping items increases the cost of the unit by a given percentage for each different item. Also, items don't count for penalty points, so using a lot of items helps build a list with more extreme choices while paying less penalties. While making your muster, you can keep track of the amount of points put into magic items just below your army's base point value.

Named Characters

William Wallace

Named characters such as William Wallace and Lucifer cannot be equiped with your collection of magical items. Instead, they are always considered wearing their own pieces of equipment and cannot switch items.


This is where all economic-related stuff take place.

The section on your player page where you can manage everything about the Economic System is called the Estate. In your estate you will find various shops where you will be able to invest. You can spend in any of these services to modify your collection and adapt your gameplay to your liking.

Baggage Train

150 Available at player level 1

The Baggage train is where you receive, store and sell your items. It is your whole collection of items of wonder and artefacts. This is your personal place where you manage your armory.

Upgrade 1 (Lv.9): 48 more inventory spaces.
Upgrade 2 (Lv.17): 48 more inventory spaces.
Upgrade 3 (Lv.37): 48 more inventory spaces.
Upgrade 4 (Lv.44): 48 more inventory spaces.


Available at player level 2

Renard the Merchant allows you to browse through a list of common items. Fixed items are sold at a reasonable price, but inventory is a little limited. You won't necessarily find the items you are looking for here, but it certainly is one of the easiest way to get some good and specific items.

Upgrade 1 (Lv.12): Access to a better quality shop.
Upgrade 2 (Lv.22): Access to a better quality shop.

Guild Hall

Available at player level 4

Quests are issued by Mantelpak the Draper at the Guild Hall. Those quests are not very expensive to undertake, but awards purely random items. This is an efficient way to quickly build up an interesting collection of varied items.

Upgrade 1 (Lv.14): Gives access to a more expensive, but more rewarding quest type.
Upgrade 2 (Lv.24): Gives access to a more expensive, but more rewarding quest type.
Upgrade 3 (Lv.34): Gives access to a more expensive, but more rewarding quest type.


Available at player level 8

Taking a drink from Innkeeper Beli'El will allow your unit to re-specialize their choices of skills. This is quite useful when you realize a skill doesn't do what you anticipated, or you made a mistake when choosing one of your unit's specializations.

Upgrade 1 (Lv.18): Respecialization is half the normal price.
Upgrade 2 (Lv.28): Respecialization is one third the normal price.
Upgrade 3 (Lv.48): Respecialization is free.

Envoy's Tent

Available at player level 7

The notorious Ambassador Umar is waiting inside the Envoy's Tent. He has the power to make your heroes change allegiance. This can be convenient for the player wishing to vary his musters, or simply for the player tired of playing the same faction.

Upgrade 1 (Lv.27): Faction change is half the normal price.
Upgrade 2 (Lv.47): Faction change is free.

Training Ground

Available at player level 11

Your units may get some help from Trainer Fachmann to level up. This is convenient to help new units catch up with the rest of your collection.

Upgrade 1 (Lv.21): Unit can level up to 20.
Upgrade 2 (Lv.31): Unit can level up to 30.
Upgrade 3 (Lv.41): Unit can level up to 40.
Upgrade 4 (Lv.50): Unit can level up to 50.


Available at player level 6

Marco Lombardo have items of wonder to offer you. The problem is you cannot know what the deal is until you pay for it. You may only choose the item type you wish to invest on. Its magical properties are randomised upon the transaction. It is quite random and expensive and should be used with restrain.

Upgrade 1 (Lv.16): Items will be at least of superior quality.
Upgrade 2 (Lv.26): Items will have at least 1 magical property.
Upgrade 3 (Lv.36): Items will have at least 2 magical properties.


Available at player level 3

Peter Blacksmith can customize items the way you want it. He can even put precise magic properties on them, but his services are expensive. It is a very expensive service which should only be used when looking for something very specific.

Upgrade 1 (Lv.13): Allows to forge items with a maximum of 1 magical property.
Upgrade 2 (Lv.23): Allows to forge items with a maximum of 2 magical properties.
Upgrade 3 (Lv.33): Allows to forge items with a maximum of 3 magical properties.
Upgrade 4 (Lv.43): Allows to forge items with a maximum of 4 magical properties.
Upgrade 5 (Lv.49): Allows to forge items with a maximum of 5 magical properties.


Available at player level 32

Many seeks the secrets of Cich the Sage. Doing so allows units to reach new heights in terms of levelling up. This is a service specifically for advanced players which are looking for new challenges.

Upgrade 1 (Lv.38): Can raise maximum level up to 50.
Upgrade 2 (Lv.42): Can raise maximum level up to 60.
Upgrade 3 (Lv.46): Can raise maximum level up to 75.

Witch Hut (Coming Soon)

Available at player level 19

Use the Witch's services to unveil the real potential of your units. The witch sells 3 potions, which permanently enhances your units' statistics, making them slightly more expensive as well. If a unit drank all 3 potions, a final choice is offered, making the unit benefit from a specific and powerful bonus. This service is for players looking to personalize their units even further.

Upgrade 1 (Lv.29): Give you access to a second potion.
Upgrade 2 (Lv.39): Give you access to a third potion and the final upgrade option.