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  • Powerful close combat unit
  • Can fly
  • Can heal itself

The Archangels form a very powerful elite commando, but they have to be used for the right job.

The Evocati being able to fly, it can be very tempting to use this unit in early assaults. However, the risk of losing them in the process is great when they charge headlong before the rest of the army is able to support them. Using them as second wave hitters might be the wisest decision.

Special Rules

  • Meditation: The action Wait gives back to this unit 75% of its accumulated Fatigue and Veil instead of 50%.


Story Notes

The name evocati comes from the ancient Roman legions. These soldiers were veterans who took the decision to remain within the army after gaining the right to go back to lead their civilian life. Inspired by troops of the ancient Roman Empire, Archistratege Michael structured his own army by adapting a few titles to his own reality. Thus, Michael’s evocati correspond to veterans who were given particular missions to address a need during the Crozada Coeli . They form an elite corps distinguishing themselves by their particularly developed skills. Michael chose them carefully for their dexterity in combat as well as their rapidity and discretion.

Therefore, the evocati’s tasks extend from battlefield recognition to performing raids or the setting up of ambushes. They often have for mission to burn the enemy’s food supply, or even burn whole camps. They might also have to bribe a few high-ranking characters in order to undermine the enemy troops’ morale. Moreover, Michael sometimes asks them to select important targets on the enemy’s side.

In October 1289, a contingent under Uriel’s direct command received the mission to kill Leviathan, Herald of Envy. Indeed, the demon had been seen in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, not too far from the Toscana coast. Fearing a surprise attack from her followers, Michael took them from the rear by sending his evocati who brilliantly accomplished their mission, thus opening the door to such actions in the future.

After the repudiation of angels by the Catholic Church, the evocati spread through Europe. Many of them stayed with Michael while others joined Uriel’s troops, Seraphiel’s Lux Dei or even the famous Gesellschaft des Engels. As for a few others, they prefer working for non-angel lords or even for themselves.

Gameplay Overview

Evocati and Nephilim units have one point in common: they can inflict enormous damage when they enter a melee. The main difference between the two is that the Evocati will tire much more quickly due to the fact that they fly to get to their opponents. As for the fallen, they move using teleportation and so, they accumulate a lot of Veil and become very vulnerable to enemy magical attacks.

Thus, when you feel your Archangels unit has done a big enough hole in your opponent's defences, you should always consider using the action Wait to benefit from the unit’s Meditation special rule. This allows it to recuperate 75% of its Fatigue and Veil before attacking again.

The real challenge is to be able to use your Archangels in multiple fights. If you manage to pull this off, you will find them incredibly effective. Remember to always keep an eye on your Fatigue level though!


Statistics Highlights
High Strength
High Toughness
Vulnerable to fatigue
Resistance to Light
Weakness to Dark

Main Article: Stats


(Attack 175%)

Main melee weapon

Secondary melee weapon

Ranged Weapon


Papal 25%









Granted Skills
Divine Strike - level 1 Ravaging Charge - level 1 Heal - level 1
Each miniature performs a powerful melee attack dealing Light damage. Flying only. A charge with a drastic Accuracy penalty allowing a second attack if the first one hits. Heals the unit.

Beam of Light - level 5 Shield of Light - level 10 Deflecting Stance - level 15
Close combat shooting. Deals powerful Light damage. Accuracy is not penalised by Veil and melee modifiers. Improves all of the unit's Elemental Resistances over 3 turns. Defensive Stance. Each Evocati retaliates to every deflected attack.

Cleanse - level 20
Removes all of the Evocati's negative statuses.

Mastery Skills
Double Attack - level 25 Light Blast - level 25 Bolts of Light - level 25
Double Attack The unit attacks twice, but with a considerable Accuracy penalty. Flying only. A powerful Light elemental attack targeting every grounded miniature in the same zone. Close combat shooting. Each Evocati throws 5 bolts at the enemy using the Light element.

Final Skills
Cleave - level 50 Celestial Assault - level 50 Redemption - level 50
A powerful armour-piercing attack that cannot be blocked or deflected. Flying only. The unit charges at an unlimited distance, but ends up on the ground. Fatigue is proportional to the distance travelled. The unit explodes causing a huge blast of Light in the same zone. Each Evocati dies in the process and cannot be brought back to life.

Evocati's Skill Tree

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