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Dear Ex illis player, if you would like to publish your texts on the Ex illis Wiki, please read the instructions and rules listed below.

  1. The text must follow the basic rules and guidelines as outlined in the article How to write a Wiki article.
  2. Army backgrounds, biographies of characters created by players, descriptions of minor battles and short stories are accepted. Please use the proper category when linking your text:
    • If you have written an Army Background, write [[Category:Fan Fiction Army Backgrounds]] at the end of the text, so people will be able to find your text.
    • If you have written a Short Stories, write [[Category:Fan Fiction Short Stories]] at the end of the text.
    • If you have written a character Biography, write [[Category:Fan Fiction Biographies]] at the end of the text.
    • If you have written a Battle description, write [[Category:Fan Fiction Battles]] at the end of the text.

Editor's Choices

The Bastion team selects texts that distinguish themselves by their quality and promotes them to the status of Editor’s choices. Here are some of the requirements we particularly look at when selecting texts.

  1. Selected texts will need to pay extra attention to the Rule of Coherence. Please follow the official story:
    1. by using the right characters and places' names (pay attention to the spelling used in the Ex illis World);
    2. by following the Timeline's important events;
    3. by keeping characters within the boundaries attributed to them in the official story;
    4. by avoiding anachronisms;
    5. by following the geopolitical situation;
    6. by following the Ex illis spirit and style;
    7. battle descriptions and events in characters’ life must be without major consequences on the Ex illis World;
    8. Creatures must follow mythological and folkloric roots known at this time.

  2. The writing style must be:
    1. Clear;
    2. Concise;
    3. Simple;
    4. Coherent;
    5. Detailed.

  3. Characters must be credible and well-built:
    1. have realistic feelings;
    2. fleaudians can feel emotions (love, hatred, jealousy, etc.). They cannot procreate nor die from natural death;
    3. characters cannot resurrect eternally;
    4. characters’ powers are limited (no indestructible superhero);
    5. characters must follow the medieval spirit.

The Writer's Choice

Some texts stand head and shoulders above the rest. To promote the texts that truly impress us, we have created the Writer's Choice award which we grant to only one text at a time. The Writer's choice is picked amongst the Editors' Choices but is given an added visibility in the Fan Fiction page.

The Writer's Choice recipient will be offered the possibility to see their work integrate the official Ex illis storyline. Should Studio Figurines Bastion Inc. decide to publish the text in an official publication, it will purchase the rights to print the material at the rate of USD0.05 per word up to USD250, paid in the form of a voucher from the Ex illis webstore. The authors name will always be given in any printed publication. The possibility to see material integrated into the official Ex illis storyline can be declined by the author and still keep the status of Writer's Choice.

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