Fatigue and Veil

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The Health Gauge shows the current Fatigue in green and the current Veil in blue.

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  • As a unit performs physical actions like moving or fighting, it accumulates Fatigue. If it casts spells, it accumulates Veil (a sort of mental fatigue).
  • Some actions drain more energy than others. For example, the basic cost of a simple shot is only 1 Fatigue Point (FtP) while performing a Swift Shot requires 4 FtP.
  • The final cost of an action depends on the unit's Fatigue Rate and Veil Rate. These statistics vary from unit to unit. For example, heavily armoured units tend to Fatigue faster than others.
  • Every time a unit accumulates 4 points of Fatigue or 4 points of Veil, it reaches a threshold. For each threshold accumulated, the unit loses 20% of its Initiative and gains 20% in Morale Sensitivity.
  • If a unit is too tired, it can Wait for a turn to reduce the accumulated Fatigue Points and Veil Points by 50%. This can only be done if it is not in a melee.

Gradual Effect on Efficiency

FtP or VP Efficiency Message
0 100%
2 97%
4 90% Unit Tired / Veiled
6 80% Unit Tired / Veiled
8 66% Unit Very Tired / Very Veiled
10 52% Unit Very Tired / Very Veiled
12 38% Unit Exhausted / Saturated
14 30% Unit Exhausted / Saturated
16 24% Unit Exhausted / Saturated
21+ 20% Unit Exhausted / Saturated
  • On top of thresholds, accumulating Fatigue and Veil points has an impact on the unit's overall efficiency. This gradual effect is slower to kick in, but has a dramatic effect if you do not keep an eye on it.
  • Every point of Fatigue reduces Melee Accuracy, Ranged Accuracy and the unit's melee Defences (Block, Evade, Deflect).
  • Every point of Veil reduces Magic Accuracy and the unit's Elemental Resistances.

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