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This page is there to help you start Ex illis if you purchased, or are looking to purchase, a Starter Kit. Players who need help to get started with the Trial, please follow this link.

Ready to start playing Ex illis? You are about to step into the role of a lord tasked with leading hardened soldiers and powerful creatures onto the battlefield. Armed with your intelligence and your intuition, you will give orders to your troops in combat, train your men back at your camp, lead great heroes and muster legendary armies to finally make history.

This page is meant to be the starting point in your journey. You will find a host of information and resources to get up and running in no time.

Image:chiffre1.png Get an Ex illis Starter Kit
The best way to start playing Ex illis is with an Ex illis Starter Kit which you can find either at your FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Stores) or on our webstore. A Starter Kit contains everything you need to start playing: 54 miniatures to be divided into two armies or kept all for yourself, a gaming board, an introduction booklet and, of course, the gaming software. It can be bought for either one player to start a large army, or split with a friend. The units present in the starter kits are:

There are two versions of the Starter Kit: the Standard and the INTEGRAL version. Both contain the same miniatures, but the gaming surface is different. The Standard version has a printed cardboard surface. You just have to open the box and unfold the map to have a nice looking battlefield to play on. The INTEGRAL version replaces the plasticized cardboard gaming surface with a fully-modular plastic board, made from the same highly-detailed hard plastic our miniatures are made of. This top quality gaming board is ideal for hobby enthusiasts who enjoy playing their games on beautiful battlefields. The 20 unique tiles allow you to play on the standard 5 x 4 field, or create battlefields of various sizes for your own custom games and scenarios. And of course, you can always combine multiple boards to play truly massive games!

Image:chiffre2.png Assemble your miniatures
Using a pair of clippers and some plastic glue, you need to assemble your force. Assembling the 54 miniatures in the starter kit can take a few hours. If you are new to the hobby, check the links below to walk you through the process step-by-step.

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Image:chiffre3.png Install the Rule Keeper software
To play Ex illis, you will need to install the Rule Keeper software either on a PC, a Mac or an iPod/iPhone. Insert the DVD and follow the instructions, or download the software directly from You need an Internet connection for this step. The updating process can take some time depending on your connection speed.

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Image:chiffre4.png Create an account
To play Ex illis, each player needs an account. It can be created on the website. You need a valid email address and an Internet connection to complete this step. If after ten minutes you still have not received your confirmation email, check your spam folder.

Then, locate the code inside your box and type it at the bottom of the "Collection" tab in your account. This will add miniatures to your profile and create three musters which you can use to play right away.

Image:chiffre5.png Play your first game
With your army assembled, the Rule Keeper software installed and units in your profile, you are ready to play your first game! The rest of this document will walk you through your first battle. Do not worry if you do not understand everything at first: Ex illis is a game you can learn as you play.

Once you have a good grasp of the basic concepts, you can browse over the rest of the encyclopedia learn more about the detailed mechanics and the advanced strategies.

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Image:chiffre6.png Improve your army
One of the best aspect in Ex illis is that your warriors will gain experience and reach new levels as they fight. Go back to your profile page to earn new skills, specialize your units into a specific path, or tweak your army list with a new strategy in mind!

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Image:chiffre7.png Learn more about the game

To say that Ex illis is a deep game is an understatement. After playing your first few games, your journey is still only starting. Once you feel comfortable with the basics, you can start exploring more advanced strategies, learn more about the story, or discuss the game with other players.

Good gaming!

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