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A wiki is, by its nature, an organic and sometime chaotic space. We kindly ask you to follow these five basic rules to ensure the encyclopedia grows in a positive and constructive manner.

  1. Rule of pertinence: Every article must be attached to a specific category (see below) and be relevant to that category. Non-Ex illis articles will not be tolerated.
  2. Rule of coherence: The submitted articles must not come in direct contradiction with the official Ex illis content. While we encourage you to be creative and imaginative, please follow the spirit of the Ex illis world.
  3. Rule of decency: The Ex illis world is aimed at a mature public and can be rough at times. This being said, material that cross the line of basic decency will not be tolerated.
  4. Rule of debate: Please use the forums, not the Wiki, to discuss a topic. If an article stirs different opinion, post a link to the forum thread and use the Wiki to publish its conclusions.
  5. Rule of courtesy: A wiki page can be edited by anyone with an account. This being said, if you feel a page could benefit from modifications or additions, we ask you to contact original creator of the page before doing so.

Bastion retains the right to remove any article which does not follow these basic rules.


Create an account

If you wish to post articles, you need to create a Wiki account. This account is something different from the Forum and the Player Account you might have already created. While we hope you can use the same Username, we cannot guarantee it.

To create an account, click on Log in/create an account on the upper right of the Wiki page in the Player Content section. Then, click on Create an account and follow the instructions. Do not forget to click on the link in the confirmation email to ensure your account has been created.

Creating a new page

To create a new page in the encyclopedia, type the following in your naviguation bar:

... in which YOUR_PAGE_NAME is, of course, replaced with the name of the page you wish to use. For example, if you wish your page to be called "The battle of the silent moon", you would need to write: battle of the silent moon.

If the page name is free, you will see a "Create" tab at the top of the screen. Click on this and start typing! We ask all page creators to sign their content with their forum names so others can contact them via private messages if needed. Unsigned pages run the risk of being deleted.


If this is the first time you are using a wiki, here are some links that could help you in the building and formatting of your article.

  • To learn how to format your text, please read this article: Help: Formatting.
  • If you wish to add an image to your text, please read this article: Help: Images.
  • If you want to add tables, please, read this article: Help: Tables.
  • If you wish to add a few links into your text, please read this article: Help: Links. To link your text to articles in the Ex illis' main wiki, you need to create an external link to the wanted page.


Every page created needs to be linked to a category for ease of browsing. To do so, simply add the text "[[Category:CATEGORY_NAME]]" at the bottom of the page. The different category names you can use are:

Player Strategies Player Showcase
  • Strategy_Mechanics
  • Strategy_Armies
  • Strategy_Battle_Reports
  • Strategy_William_Wallace
  • Strategy_Decurion
  • Strategy_Dismounted_Baneret
  • Strategy_Knight_Baneret
  • Strategy_Marrenne
  • Strategy_Arbalestiers
  • Strategy_Billmen
  • Strategy_Franc_Chevalers
  • Strategy_Hobelars
  • Strategy_Longbowmen
  • Strategy_Mangonel
  • Strategy_Serjants_Swords
  • Strategy_Serjants_Spears
  • Strategy_Soffrances
  • Strategy_Vileins
  • Strategy_Ympes
  • Strategy_Dominicani
  • Strategy_Minores
  • Showcase_Full_Armies
  • Showcase_William_Wallace
  • Showcase_Decurion
  • Showcase_Dismounted_Baneret
  • Showcase_Knight_Baneret
  • Showcase_Marrenne
  • Showcase_Arbalestiers
  • Showcase_Billmen
  • Showcase_Franc_Chevalers
  • Showcase_Hobelars
  • Showcase_Longbowmen
  • Showcase_Mangonel
  • Showcase_Serjants_Swords
  • Showcase_Serjants_Spears
  • Showcase_Soffrances
  • Showcase_Vileins
  • Showcase_Ympes
  • Showcase_Dominicani
  • Showcase_Minores

Fan Fiction Community Events
  • Fan Fiction Army Backgrounds
  • Fan Fiction Short Stories
  • Fan Fiction Battles
  • Fan Fiction Biographies
  • Community Events Tournaments
  • Community Events Events
  • Community Events Demo