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Rich and fluid strategy

Take control of your destiny and lead your troops through a glorious journey.

What if your miniatures could earn experience with each passing battle, gain new levels, unlock new skills and develop abilities? In Ex illis, each one of your miniatures has a unique ‘life’ and only you decide how to specialize your units so they best fit into your army. There is always something to look forward to.

Immerse yourself into a rich, realistic-fantasy world set in 1309 medieval Europe which comes to life through gorgeous miniatures filled with finely crafted details and realistic proportions.

With every battle, a new challenge awaits you.

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Wargaming 2.0
  • What if the deepest gameplay could also be the easiest to get into?
  • What if you could learn the rules of a game while playing?
  • What if you could level up your miniatures and specialise their abilities?
  • What if you could fight three battles in a single evening instead of just one?
  • What if you could play these three battles without a single argument about rules?
  • What if a miniature wargame could be set in an adult and thoroughly researched realistic-fantasy world?

What if you could share your passion with friends and family?

Welcome to Wargaming 2.0

Units and Heroes

Knight Baneret
The baneret (spelled with a single “n” as was custom in 1309) is a military rank between the simple knight and the baron. The name refers to the privileges this knight earned allowing him to carry his own banner to the battlefield and lead a small troop.

In many respects, the baneret is the living embodiment of the warfare feudal system. His titles and lands are directly related to how well he performs in combat. Challenging and defeating prestigious opponents can mean instant wealth. But if the baneret is seen hesitating, he may be stripped of his honour and rank once the battle is over. Read more...


The nephilim are fallen angels who used to be archangels in Heaven before their fall. They refused to mingle with demons when arriving in hell, thus keeping their appearance more human.

Despite their decline, honour is important to them. On earth, they frequently serve only one master to whom they are most loyal, often even being ready to die to save his life. Read more...

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What is Ex illis

Ex illis is a miniature wargame like no other.

Instead of playing with dice, rulers, and thick rulebooks, you will use the software on your iPod touch, Mac, PC or laptop to resolve combats. This combination of miniatures and software enables Ex illis to provide a deep gameplay experience that is very easy to learn, yet a real challenge to master! More...

Why Ex illis

Ex illis is all about sharing your passion with friends and family. Learning while playing, fun with no possible arguing, levelling...

It's Wargaming 2.0. More...

Where can I find Ex illis?

Find your nearest local store that carries the Ex illis product line or go to our webstore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question?

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Ex illis here.

Getting Started
Ready for battle?

Armed with your intelligence and your flair, you are about to step into the role of a lord; give orders to your troops in combat, train your men back at the camp, lead great heroes and muster legendary armies to finally make history. More...