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  • Excellent against enemy Heroes
  • Can lead numerous armies from France, England or Scotland
  • Perfect with Noble units

The Baneret is a knightly Hero whose main role is to hunt down enemy Characters. The knight version makes an expensive but powerful addition to a heavy cavalry unit while the dismounted one is a cheap Hero who can fit in almost any unit. When promoted to the role of General, the Baneret becomes Baron and can lead armies from over twenty regional factions of France, England, Scotland and Germany.

Special Rule

  • Heavy cavalry charge: This unit's charge is impossible to deflect and inflicts a morale penalty (-4 per knight) to attacked units if their miniatures have a bulk of 3 or less.
  • For Glory: The Baneret compulsively charges an enemy Character when Confident or Overconfident. Zones hindering cavalry charges (like forests) do not force the Baneret to charge.

Heroic Power


Story Notes

The baneret (spelled with a single “n” as was custom in 1309) is a military rank between the simple knight and the baron. The name refers to the privileges this knight earned allowing him to carry his own banner to the battlefield and lead a small troop.

The title "baneret" is given to a knight who distinguishes himself on the battlefield. It takes truly impressive feats of arms to be noticed in a melee and the knight who wishes to become baneret better hope his liege is looking his way when he throws himself at the enemy. As such, the knights who become banerets tend to be daring and brutish men with a stubborn courage bordering on the stupid.

In many respects, the baneret is the living embodiment of the warfare feudal system. His titles and lands are directly related to how well he performs in combat. Challenging and defeating prestigious opponents can mean instant wealth. But if the baneret is seen hesitating, he may be stripped of his honour and rank once the battle is over. While there is no shame in challenging and being defeated by a great foe, one’s name may be ruined forever if bested by a lowborn and otherwise unworthy warrior. It is thus only natural that the baneret compulsively seeks enemy heroes on the field for his personal glory, rather than "strategically" waiting while others fight.

The positive side of this suboptimal tactic is that the baneret shows a real devotion to his liege. He fights in his lord’s name with a pride and fury that inspires loyalty in lesser men. When the baneret goes to war, it is plain to everyone who he is fighting for!

Gameplay Summary

The Baneret box contains two distinct Heroes: a Knight Baneret and a Dismounted Baneret. Both are efficient at dealing with enemy Characters and leading men into battles, but they also have their own particularities and roles on the battlefield.

The Knight Baneret adds a serious punch to the already devastating Franc Chevalers’ charge. This Hero may appear overpriced, but the added power and Intimidation may well make an enemy unit rout where it would normally have fought. This works well even against units supported by a Hero since the knight Baneret has reasonable chances to kill him/her on the charge!

The Dismounted Baneret is an inexpensive addition to almost any unit. He can be used to add an extra defence to a ranged unit behind the melee line or to create a special force sent to hunt down enemy Characters when paired up with heavy-hitters like the Billmen. An English dismounted Baneret is also a good match for your Longbowmen: the Leadership bonus will make the unit confident, which in turn grants a 20% Accuracy bonus to every shot the Longbowmen will take!

Factions related to the Baneret/Baron

English Crown
French Crown


Stats Highlights
Good Strength
Very good Accuracy
Heavy Armour
Devastating charge
High cost
Fatigues fast
Resistance to Fire
Weakness to Lightning

Main Article: Stats


Main melee weapon

Secondary melee weapon

Ranged Weapon










Granted Skills
Heroic Charge - level 1 Boast - level 1 Daring Advance - level 1
A charge with a drastic accuracy penalty allowing a second attack if the first one hit. The second attack has increased chances of targeting an enemy Hero. The Baneret halves the highest enemy Leadership in his zone and converts it to a morale bonus for his unit. The Baneret attacks the closest enemy Hero in melee, but receives attacks from enemy miniatures in his way beforehand.
Slander - level 5 Guards Killer - level 10 Fiery Presence - level 15
Range 0-2. Cancels the heroic power of the most aggressive enemy Hero over 3 turns. A double attack against enemy Retinues. Every enemy unit in the same zone becomes less resistant to Fire over2 turns.

Mastery Skills
Mass Charging - level 20 Gloat - level 20 Challenge - level 20
The Baneret directs a charge in which each heavy cavalry miniature taking part in the action inflicts some damage on a smaller enemy. Offensive Stance. More chances to target enemy Heroes with melee attacks. Attacks against enemy Heroes are more powerful. Defensive Stance. The enemy Hero with the highest aggressiveness is forced to attack the Baneret over 3 turns.

Final Skills
Momentum - level 45 King Killer - level 45 Fiery Blade - level 45
Passive Skill. Cavalry Retinue only. Whenever all enemy miniatures are defeated or fleeing in the Baneret's zone once his charge resolves, his unit regains 500 AcP. Passive Skill. Hero Killer Heroic Power is more powerful for the Baneret, but not for his Retinue. Fire elemental ranged attack in the same zone. Targets according to Veil.

Knight Baneret/Baron's Skill Tree

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