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Marrenne Miniature
  • Powerful support caster
  • Efficient against crowds
  • Can heal

The Marrenne is a fairy Hero with a strong indirect magic capable of powerful offensive and defensive spells. She constantly regenerates her Retinue and brings balance to the battlefield using attacks that can deal efficiently with hordes of cheap but numerous enemies, or face warriors that have a much higher level than the average on the battlefield.

Heroic Power


Story Notes

A Marrenne's point of view

Fairies are amongst the most prolific group of fleaudians in Ex illis and are particularly present in regions where Celtic traditions are still strong (Brittany, Wales, Ireland, Scotland). They are an eclectic group, varying in size, shape and political agenda. Physically, fairies range from being small enough to fit into the palm of one’s hand to tall, slender, human-looking creatures with pointy ears.

For years, the Church and fairy people have been in constant conflict. The Inquisition, which does not recognise the existence of pagan creatures, burnt many of these beautiful women under the accusation that they were temptresses of men, succubi. Fairies do not easily forget slights and have become notorious for capturing, imprisoning and torturing ecclesiastics. Thankfully, the defeat of the Papal Army during the Crozada Coeli and the election of Iohannes XXII, a wiser and more moderate man than most of his recent predecessors, will probably help heal old wounds between the two belligerents.

Like most human-looking fleaudians, fairies have much more intricate psychological patterns than the classical ‘good’ or ‘evil’ clichés from bedtime stories. While it is true that some groups, especially the Seelie and Unseelie Courts (respectively blessed and unblessed fairies), have been known for their radical behaviour, most fairies have a range of emotions that is very similar to that of regular human beings, though with a penchant for solitude.

Fairies usually live in matriarchal tribes withdrawn from society, but some adventurous individuals may leave the comfort of their community to mingle with the rest of the world or wander in the deepest forests. Most fairies can shape-shift or disappear when necessary, which makes it relatively easy for them to blend into a crowd or observe the world from a distance.

Marrennes are fairies that have reached a certain social status. Their great natural beauty (and their magic) is well-known for confusing men’s common sense. Kings and lords have been quick to realise the potential fairies could have in state affairs and have hired many of them to act as spies or other covert agents. Hence, it is common to find fairies in the highest circles of state intrigue and espionage. But such high-stakes games attract similarly powerful enemies and the frail and soiled bodies of fairies can sometimes be found on the side of country roads or in isolated barns.

Gameplay Summary

Marrennes are well-versed in druidic magic. They have mastered the natural elements of Earth, Wind and Water. Each of these elements has a certain use: Earth is mainly used to deal with large monsters; Wind is excellent against crowds, shooters and flyers; and Water is based on the principle of damage-over-time and healing-over-time. These elements are, however, mostly indirect (compared with the Ympes's direct damage) and require clever thinking to figure out how best to use them.

Furthermore, the Marrenne is an extremely fragile Hero. A single well-placed attack or a lucky arrow can spell doom for her. This is even more true given the fact that a lot of her attacks take time to have their full effect; she has no panic button or quick escape. As such, it is quite important to pick an appropriate bodyguard for her Retinue, ideally a unit with a lot of aggressiveness who will prevent her from being the target of melee attacks, or a unit that can stay away from the main fray and watch over the battle from a distance.

The Marrenne is the only character in the starter kit who has the ability to heal other units in the army. This gives her a very important role, although proper healing takes a bit of planning as it is done over time (as opposed to certain specialized units' instant-healing abilities). A particularly wicked Marrenne could try to kill her own troops in the zone to gain some life with the Spirits of the Fallen ability, and this can be doubly effective if she has a Retinue of Soffrances that can consume the souls of their deceased allies.

Factions related to the Marrenne/Maistresse

Arth Byddin
Tuatha dé Danann


Stats Highlights
Good Magic
Good Evasion
Low HP
No Armour
Resistance to Water & Wind
Strong weakness to Ice

Main Article: Stats


Main melee weapon

Secondary melee weapon

Ranged Weapon










Granted Skills
Gust - level 1 Flora Aspect - level 1 Regenerate - level 1
Range 1-2. Every miniature in target zone takes a small Wind damage. The Marrenne is always the last miniature to be attacked in close combat. Lasts the whole game. Range 0-1. Every friendly miniature in target zone progressively regains life over 3 turns.
Poison Wind - level 5 Rejuvenate - level 10 Root - level 15
Range 0-3. Every miniature in target zone is progressively damaged over 3 turns proportionally to their current life. Range 0-1. Every friendly miniature in target zone progressively regains Fatigue and Veil over 3 turns. Range 1-2. Immobilises target unengaged enemy unit for one turn. The target has chances to resist using its Strength.

Mastery Skills
Stone Spikes - level 20 Corrosion - level 20 Bark Skin - level 20
Range 1-2. Target grounded unit loses a considerable amount of its maximum life. Range 1-2. Target enemy unit's Weapon Damage and Armour are reduced for the whole battle. Drastically increases the Marrenne's Toughness, but makes her slightly more vulnerable to Fire. Lasts the whole game.

Final Skills
Rock Skin - level 40 Tempest - level 40 Spirits of the Fallen - level 40
Range 0-1. Significantly increases target unit's Armour over 3 turns. Range 1-3. Prevents all units in the affected zone to perform any ranged attack or cast any spell over 1 turn. Passive Skill. The Marrenne and her Retinue regain life, Fatigue and Veil every time a miniature is defeated in her zone.

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