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Minores and Dominicani Miniatures
  • Healers
  • Wide area support
  • Defensive effects

The Mendicum bring a support to their allies and this, even when they are in a different zone. They can combine their efforts and intervene powerfully in a fight when necessary. The Minores form a unit which has a display of defensive powers while the Dominicani tend to be more offensive. Both units are able to heal their allies whether it is progressively or instantly.

Special Rules


  • Verses affect every allied unit within a range of 2 zones.
  • Verses' effects are continuous, as long as the unit does not perform any action other than a Verse, or becomes engaged.
  • A same Verse cast by 2 different units has a cumulative effect.
  • A Finale's power is proportional to the number of Verses used by this unit, but ends all active Verses.


Story Notes

The mendicum orders appear at the beginning of the 13th century. They are a solution to the believers’ decreasing faith in their Church and to the latest abuses of the clergy. Instead of being cloistered in remote monasteries with their faith, the mendicum preach the Word of God in the middle of cities, living like Christ and his apostles. They encourage extreme poverty in their ranks, begging in the streets and labouring for the salvation of souls. They are not allowed to possess money or property; everything has to come from alms.

The mendicum favorise the use of vernacular languages in their preaching. They are looking for people to understand them, are they wealthy, cultivated lords, or poor, illiterate peasants. Their clothes remain as simple as possible. For example, shoes are prohibited for the Minores who must go barefoot. Their strict obedience to the Church helps them in gaining support from the popes. They build many schools to encourage the teaching of the Gospel and quickly become some of the greatest scholars of their time.

During the Rückeroberung, many mendicum join Charlemagne’s army to boost the troops’ morale and to administer the Extreme Unction when needed. They also try to convert Mongol prisoners to the Catholic faith. Dominicani particularly specialize in the conversion of heretics. They bring many women into Christianity during the Albigensian Crusade. Then, during the Captura Grandis, many of them become inquisitors in order to save the souls of fleaudians, but they never hesitate to burn those who turn out to be impossible to rescue.

Several Dominicani and Minores are acting in the high spheres of the Catholic Church, occupying important offices. Bernard Gui, a Dominicani, is a popular inquisitor, respected by Iohannes XXII. With other members of his order, he often follows the papal troops on the battlefield to fight against fleaudians and other heretics.

Gameplay Overview

At first, the Mendicum may appear to be a unit that only increases the defensive aspect of the game, but it is not the case. Since their Verses and Finales have a range of 2 zones, your units will benefit from the support brought by the Mendicum and this, even if they are more offensive, enabling you to cross a combat zone more easily.

This unit’s pronounced gameplay is not only based on progressive healing or on the various beneficial effects, but also on performing their Finales. These spells, more powerful if the Mendicum avoid entering a melee, are often the turning point of the battle.

Whether you have an offensive or defensive army, the Minores and the Dominicani will bring you a great support. Using units such as these two may complement your army. However, be careful not to reduce the number of active troops within it too much: the more Mendicum you muster, the fewer troops you will have to protect them or attack your enemy.


Stats HighLights
Low stats

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Main melee weapon

Secondary melee weapon

Ranged Weapon


Papal 75%









Granted Skills
Verse of Life - level 1 Restoration - level 1 Verse of Vigour - level 1
Verse. Range 0-2. Every friendly unit in range is progressively healed over time. Finale. Range 0-2. Heals a large amount of life to target friendly unit. Verse. Range 0-2. Every friendly unit in range receives a Toughness bonus.
Divine Carol - level 5 Sanctification - level 10 Mystic Melody - level 15
Verse. Range 0-2. Adds cover to every zone in range. Finale. Range 0-2. Removes negative status effects from units in need within range. Verse. Range 0-2. Every friendly unit in range receives a bonus to its Elemental Resistances.

Mastery Skills
Ode to Renewal - level 20 Ode to Courage - level 20 Ode to Survival - level 20
Verse. Range 0-2. Every friendly unit in range progressively recovers Fatigue and Veil over time. Verse. Range 0-2. Every friendly unit in range receives a morale bonus. Verse. Range 0-2. Every friendly unit in range receives a bonus to maximum life.

Final Skills
Invigoration - level 40 Resurrection - level 40 Holy Visions - level 40
Finale. Range 0-2. Heals a large amount of life to units in need within range. Finale. Range 0-2. Brings back to life miniatures in target friendly unit. Finale. Gives a morale bonus to units in need within range.

Minores' Skill Tree

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