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  • Powerful close combat unit
  • Teleports itself
  • Invokes curses on enemies

The Archangels form a very powerful commando unit, but they have to be used for the right job.

The Nephilim are second wave hitters. They are awesome at hitting their enfeebled opponents. They also inflict powerful curses on their enemies to kill them more easily when they decide to join the melee. However, they may as well simply wait for their opponent to come and get them.

Special Rules

  • Teleport: Diagonal movements and terrain penalties do not slow down this unit when moving. It accumulates Veil instead of Fatigue for all movements.
  • Meditation: The action Wait gives back to this unit 75% of its accumulated Fatigue and Veil instead of 50%.


Story Notes

The nephilim are fallen angels who used to be archangels in Heaven before their fall. They all refused to mingle with demons when arriving in hell, thus keeping their appearance more human.

Most of the nephilim fell from Heaven at the same time Lucifer did, when they refused to plead allegiance to the first man. However, a few remained longer at God’s side, becoming fallen angels for other sins which they committed later. For example, a small group of nephilim have seen their wings torn off after committing the sin of the flesh with human women.

The nephilim are all battlefield veterans, be it because they were part of Michael’s troops for a long time, fighting demons and then fallen angels, or because they joined Lucifer in his fight against angels after disobeying God.

Despite their decline, honour is important to them. On earth, it happens frequently that they serve only one master to whom they are most loyal, often even being ready to die to save his life. However, when they lose this leader, they find themselves completely devoid of everything and many turn to a life of robbery or engage in more or less organised groups of mercenaries. Frequently, they regroup to form a clan in which the bonds are often extremely strong. Each member is part of a whole that is closely united.

Gameplay Overview

Evocati and Nephilim units have one point in common: they can inflict enormous damage when they enter a melee. The main difference between the two is that the Evocati will tire much more quickly due to the fact that they fly to get to their opponents. As for the fallen, they move using teleportation and so, they accumulate a lot of Veil and become very vulnerable to enemy magical attacks.

Thus, when you feel your Archangels unit has done a big enough hole in your opponent's defences, you should always consider using the action Wait to benefit from the unit’s Meditation special rule. This allows it to recuperate 75% of its Fatigue and Veil before attacking again.

The real challenge is to be able to use your Archangels in multiple fights. If you manage to pull this off, you will find them incredibly effective. Remember to always keep an eye on your Fatigue level though!


Statistics Highlights
High Strength
High Toughness
Vulnerable to magic
Resistance to Dark
Weakness to Light

Main Article: Stats


(Attack 175%)

Main melee weapon

Secondary melee weapon

Ranged Weapon


Demonic 75%









Granted Skills
Sacrilegious Strike - level 1 Double Attack - level 1 Dark Affliction - level 1
Each miniature performs a powerful melee attack dealing Dark damage. The unit attacks twice but with a considerable Accuracy penalty. Range 0-2. Prevents every miniature in target zone from being healed over 3 turns.

Beam of Darkness - level 5 Elemental Break - level 10 Silence - level 15
Close combat shooting. Deals powerful Dark damage. Accuracy is not penalised by Veil and melee modifiers. Range 0-2. Lowers Elemental Resistances of every miniature in target zone over 2 turns. Range 0-2. Prevents every miniature in target zone from casting spells over 1 turn.

Dispel - level 20
Range 0-2. Each Nephilim removes a Buff from one unit in target zone.

Mastery Skills
Ravaging Charge - level 25 Shadow Dance - level 25 Bolts of Darkness - level 25
A charge with a drastic accuracy penalty allowing a second attack if the first one hits. The unit's evasion is tripled for one turn and each Nephilim retaliates to all evaded attacks. Close combat shooting. Each Nephilim throws 5 bolts at the enemy using the Dark element.

Final Skills
Cleave - level 50 Dark Travel - level 50 Doom - level 50
A powerful armour-piercing attack that cannot be blocked or deflected. The unit teleports itself to an unlimited distance, but in a zone unoccupied by the enemy. Veil is calculated according to the distance travelled. Range 0-2. Miniatures in target zone receive amplified physical damage, and the Nephilim are healed by this amount over 3 turns.

Nephilim's Skill Tree

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