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  • Core defensive unit
  • Good charge receiver
  • Excellent against cavalry and monsters

The Serjants are used as the core infantry in most armies. The Swordsmen tend to be the more offensive infantry, able to outfight most non-elite units and advance on the field withstanding enemy shooting. The Spearmen form a purely defensive unit which excels in protecting zones.

Special Rules

  • Common: Only suffers from 50% of muster penalties.
  • Generic: Basic Leadership of allied Heroes is increased by 50% toward this unit.


Story Notes

The written form of serjant, spelt with a “j”, is that of the Middle Age. The meaning of the term is rather changing since it can be applied to several types of fighters. Thus, the word defines a wide range of warriors who all have one thing in common: they are all considered to be battle professionals. For this reason, some fight for a lord in exchange for a patch of land, hoping to climb the social ladder of the feudal system, while others prefer to enrol in companies of mercenaries.

In these difficult times when numerous territories are divided and wars rage, mercenaries are highly demanded in several regions of Christian Europe. These professional warriors can be locals who are trained for combat and prefer to take up arms rather than living on the farm or even foreigners –many Mongols remained in Europe after the Battle of Wien and now sell their services to the highest bidder. They are therefore a heterogeneous group. Most of these men move in small groups, pillaging barely protected villages when they end up unemployed.

Mercenary serjants mainly fight in Germany where numerous earldoms are fought over by several lords, especially since the Crozada Coeli. However, it is not rare to find them in France as much as in England where the situation is worsening more and more. Moreover, the leaders of towns in Italia are very fond of these professional warriors and can afford to pay them handsomely. In 1309, spearmen and swordsmen form the core of most armies, whether on the offensive or defensive line. It is bold for a lord to do without them on the battlefield.

Gameplay Summary

Serjants are all about shields. The Serjants can act as potent bodyguards: they resist Fatigue better than others and can take blows for more fragile allied units. Using a fighter Hero with this kind of long-lasting unit really is a great choice. In addition to the important morale bonus you receive, you maximise the use of the Hero’s Heroic Power and makes this unit even harder to kill.

Swordsmen tend to be more offensive, performing Double Attack to finish off wounded units or attack in a disciplined manner to last longer than their opponents and even be able to fight more than one unit at a time. The Swordsmen’s real strength lies in its retaliation capacities. With its 50% chances to retaliate increasing to 75% when adopting a Defensive Stance, this unit turns into a defensive one and is able to pack a punch when unsuspected.

Spearmen excel in the well-known Shield Wall formation. This Stance allows them to act as bodyguards for less aggressive units and it raises their defences. This defence being the best against heavy-hitters, they still have the choice to adopt the Impaling Stance to counter strong cavalry charges even more efficiently.


Stats Highlights
Great defenses
Balanced statistics

Main Article: Stats


Main melee weapon

Secondary melee weapon

Ranged Weapon










Granted Skills
Impalement - level 1 Shield Wall - level 1 Shield Bash - level 1
Defensive Stance. Damage bonus against fast units' charges. Stationary Defensive Stance. This unit protects less aggressive allied units but is vulnerable to flank attacks. Does not break Stance. A weak melee attack denying opponents their chances to Evade or Deflect.
Shield Charge - level 5 Vital Point - level 10 First Aid - level 15
A charge dealing a small damage, but considerably increasing chances to block until the unit’s next turn. An attack dealing greater damage, but having an Accuracy proportional to the target’s Bulk. Each miniature heals a proportion of the life it lost.

Mastery Skills
Magic Wall - level 20 Thorn Wall - level 20 Aggressive Wall - level 20
Passive Skill. Whenever Shield Wall is activated, the unit and each unit it protects also receive a bonus to Elemental Resistances. Passive Skill. Whenever Shield Wall is activated, each blocked attack deals a small damage to the attacker. Passive Skill. Whenever Shield Wall is activated, the unit becomes more aggressive and protects more allies.

Final Skills
Chilling Spear - level 40 Shocking Spear - level 40 Furious Spear - level 40
Passive Skill. Charge reaction attacks inflict Ice damage and reduce their victim’s Accuracy. Passive Skill. Charge reaction attacks inflict Lightning damage and will delay their victims. Passive Skill. Charge reaction attacks inflict Fire damage and briefly reduce all of their victims' Elemental Resistances.

Serjants' Skill Tree (Spear)

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