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A unit of 2 Soffrances
  • Large monsters with a lot of Hit Points
  • Efficient agains most enemies
  • Inflict nasty side effects

Soffrances are hulking monsters filled with dark essence causing torment to everyone around them. While being slow creatures, these soulless monsters possess an astonishing amount of life and can behead a horse with a single swing of their limbs.

Special Rules


Story Notes

No one can tell with certitude what Soffrances are or where they come from. The only knowledge we have, is from the lucky few people who have crossed their path and lived to tell their tale. They say that Soffrances are tortured things, filled with such pain that they drive those around them mad.

Thankfully rare, these behemoths are not active hunters. Rather, they seem to be aimless wanderers. When a Soffrance nears a village, it is a good idea to abandon the area for a while. The reckless who remain behind will usually end up dead. While Soffrances are strong and massive enough to pose a threat even to an eight-foot-tall archangel, those who die fighting them are rarely wounded or mutilated. Instead, the corpses are found withered as if their soul had been drained from their body.

Deprived of a will of their own, Soffrances are rarely seen on battlefields. However, some particularly dark mages have found ways to control the empty spirit of these vile beings. Once captured, these large monsters act almost as an extension of their master’s own body. In this respect, they make perfect slaves: extremely strong and completely unquestioning.

However, the Soffrances’ aura of misery remains even when captured and, after a while, the madness emanating from them may cause the master to become the slave.

Gameplay Summary

Soffrances are walking mountains of Hit Points and can take a massive amount of damage before going down. This enables them to do things that simply would not be possible for other units, like taking a clean hit from a heavy cavalry charge and fight on. Furthermore, while these creatures are notoriously slow, the damage they inflict with a single swing makes short works of most enemies. Thus, they are especially apt at dealing with foes who rely on damage mitigation rather than skills to survive. No matter how much armour a warrior is wearing, chances are a Soffrance will cut through it like a hot knife through butter.

Most of the effects Soffrances have are zone-wide and do not differentiate friends from foes. An obvious example of this is the fact that Soffrances drain the life force out of every other miniature in the same zone, ally or enemy, and this, from their very first turn. It is thus important to realise that Soffrances will have a negative impact on allies nearly as much as on enemies. This brings about an interesting dilemma: should Soffrances use their tremendous Strength and Toughness to act as a bodyguards for others (even if it means hurting the very unit they are supposed to protect) or should they be sent alone to plague as many enemies as they can, knowing that Soffrances are much more geared for defence than offence?

The Marrenne in particular has many abilities allowing her to stay with Soffrances while suffering minimal penalties. In fact, a symbiotic relationship between the fairy Hero and these large monsters can be quite fruitful. Another common technique is to have Soffrances fighting with a contingent of allied Vileins. This will make the poor peasants act as a de facto food supply for the monster’s Dark Presence and make sure the creatures always have a large bank of Hit Points to drain.


Stats Highlights
Great Strength
Good Toughness
No Armour
Massive amount of life
Immunity to Dark
Extreme weakness to Light

Main Article: Stats


Main melee weapon

Secondary melee weapon

Ranged Weapon


Mystic 75%









Granted Skills
Shrivel Up - level 1 Consume Soul - level 1 Endure - level 1
Defensive Stance. Significantly raises block rate. Offensive Stance. Regains life each time a miniature in the same zone is defeated. Offensive Stance. The Soffrances no longer block attacks and retaliate to all successful enemy melee attacks.
Brutalize - level 5 Darkness - level 10
This powerful melee attack is impossible to Block or Deflect. Range 0. During 3 turns, miniatures' Accuracy in the affected zone is drastically lowered. Visibility is reduced to 0 in that zone.

Mastery Skills
Soul Essence: Rupture - level 15 Soul Essence: Doom - level 15 Soul Essence: Weaken - level 15
Duration 5 turns. Does not break Stance. Miniatures hitting the Soffrances in melee take part of the damage as well. Duration 5 turns. Does not break Stance. The Soffrances are more intimidating and attract more attacks to themselves. Duration 5 turns. Does not break Stance. Miniatures hitting the Soffrances are weakened for 3 turns.

Final Skills
Aura of Insanity - level 30 Aura of Dementia - level 30 Aura of Suffering - level 30
Passive Skill. Every unit in the same zone becomes more sensitive to morale. Passive Skill. Every unit in the same zone is forced to perform melee attacks while engaged. Passive Skill. Every unit in the same zone fatigues faster.

Soffrances' Skill Tree

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