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‘You are everything I am, Ahesa’, did my sister tell me once... The morning she died three men crossed her path. She was just too kind, too naive, too weak. They took her on the side of the road and left her for dead. I was there, hidden in the leaves of an oak. I will always remember the image of her body covered in blood; full of their disgusting pleasure. I promised I would never be her...

Times have changed. Pretty fairies who never hesitate to help people in need are disappearing, slain by their fate. I am not one of them... not anymore. Her fragility killed my sister; it won’t be my end. I am a slippery creature who escapes hands of insistent men. I am living on my own, always avoiding barbarous warriors. I made my way into the highest spheres of the realm, though I hate the feeling of men’s hands on my skin. My heart freezes when they let their gaze wandering over my whole body. But I need these looks to achieve my aims. Men are talkative when they try to seduce women out of their reach, and their secrets can be a great source of power if one knows how to wield them. But this game is not without danger; when you play with men’s lust, you never know what could happen.




I am Gathiel, a celestial decurion of the 21st Company of the Papal Army, an archangel of the 8th Choir, and an angelic guard of the 5th Heaven. To serve His Holiness the Pope, I wield my sword with consummate skill and deadly efficiency. I fight for the best armies in Christendom. I am an accomplished warrior, a protector of the Church...

At least, I was...



Beltram Le Brùn

Life is hard, ye know. Well, it’s hard for me, poor peasant. I’m always the first suffering from famine, plague and war. If armies aren’t burning my crops or stealing my beasts, the new baby is sick as hell and is probably going to die. It’s a waste when one of them passes on like that since he won't work on the field later to bring money home.