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If you have an Ex illis account with a genuine unit or hero in it, you can also explore the different possibilities by requesting a specific unit to tryout. more details…

Curious about Ex illis and would like to try out the game? The trial allows you to explore all of the game's features for 30 days... at no cost. Within minutes, you’ll have everything you need to build your armies, wage battles and to start levelling up you troops.

By requesting a trial, you’ll receive 16 units and 5 heroes (over 100 miniatures!) allowing you to test a wide range of tactical options. These have been pre-arranged into two separate armies, Michael's Swords and The Malevolent Souls, to allow you to jump into the middle of the action with balanced lists. Then, as you get more acquainted with the Ex illis gameplay and learn its underlying mechanisms, you’ll be able to build your own army lists and specialize your troops.

Michael's Swords are a division of the angelic Legio Sancti.

The Malevolent Souls are mercenaries employed by the Broken Wing company.

How it works

The trial activates a temporary version of the "Ex illis" units which you can play with the help of proxy miniatures. If you don’t have enough miniatures at your disposal, you will be provided with temporary access to Paper Proxies.

Trial units are identical, gameplay-wise, to fully activated ones. The only difference is that they stop gaining experience at Level 14. The units will stay active for 30 days after which they will be disabled from the army building tool. If you decide to purchase the units, your account will be automatically reactivated, you'll be able to pick up where you left off and the units' level cap will be removed.

To play the trial, you’ll need:

  • A bunch of miniatures or, alternatively, Paper Proxies
  • A gaming surface which can be printed out, if needed
  • An Ex illis account
  • A version of the Rule Keeper software
  • A friend! (no paper version for that one, sorry)

Start by creating an account on website. You'll need a valid email address and an Internet connection to complete this step. If after ten minutes you still have not received your confirmation email, check your spam folder.

Next login into your account and, under the Home tab, activate the trial. Once this is done, follow this link for a brief tutorial on how to get started.


- The Ex illis team

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