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Having an Initiative higher than average, the Hobelar is a unit who can take turns faster than others.
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Basic Mechanics

  • In Ex illis, units are activated in a specific order based on their own notion of speed;
  • Between two turns, every active unit gains Action Points (AcP) based on its Initiative. As soon as one unit reaches 1000 AcP, it is ready to take a turn. This operation takes a fraction of a second and is thus not visible by the players;
  • If a Hero is present, both the Hero and the Retinue must reach 1000 AcP before the group can take a turn;
  • The Turn Bar at the top of the screen shows the anticipated turn order for every active unit in the game;
  • Compulsory actions, like routing, bypass the normal turn sequence and take place immediately.

Action Points

  • Most actions cost 1000 AcP (a full turn) to perform. Some actions can be considered "Swift", consuming only 750 AcP or less, while others can be "Long", taking 1250 AcP or more;
  • The deployment order defines each unit's initial amount of AcP. Units deployed first have more AcP and will thus be activated first.
  • The AcP cost of some actions can vary depending on the context. For example, moving generally cost 1000 AcP, but moving in diagonal will infer approximatively a 40% penalty.
  • Reflex-based actions, like counter-attacks or charge reactions, do not cost any AcP.


Units INI
Arbalestiers 100
Billmen 100
Franc Chevalers 100
Hobelars 120
Longbowmen 100
Mangonel 100
Serjants 100
Mendicum 100
Soffrances 80
Vileins 100
Ympes 100
Evocati 100
Nephilim 100
Emissarius 100
Heroes INI
William Wallace 100
Decurion/Centurion 100
Dismounted Baneret/Baron 100
Knight Baneret/Baron 100
Lucifer 200
Marrenne/Maistresse 100
  • Most units start with an Initiative value of 100, but fast units like the Hobelars have a basic Initiative of 120. A slow unit like the Soffrances has an Initiative of only 80.
  • Each Fatigue or Veil threshold accumulated lowers Initiative by 10%, making the unit take turns less and less frequently.

The turn bar shows, from left to right, the order in which units will be activated.

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