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Named Characters

William Wallace


- Crowd slayer
- Very good with peasants
- Powerful war cries
- Incredibly powerful
- Limited killing machine
- Intimidates his enemies




Knight Baneret/Baron

- Strengthens and heals his Retinue
- His spells cost life
- Shines against strong foes
- Powerful support caster
- Efficient against crowds
- Can heal
- Excellent against enemy Heroes
- Can lead numerous armies from France, England or Scotland
- Perfect with Noble units

Dismounted Baneret/Baron

- Excellent against enemy Heroes
- Can lead numerous armies from France, England or Scotland
- Low-cost Hero choice


Vileins Billmen Franc Chevalers
- Cannon fodder
- Abilities based on morale
- Can be surprisingly efficient
- Offensive unit with heavy attacks
- Vulnerable to enemy shooting
- Perfect against cavalry or monsters
- Elite heavy cavalry
- Truly devastating charge
- Not at its best in long melees
Hobelars Arbalestiers Longbowmen
- Very mobile unit
- Strong charge
- Mediocre in melee
- Slow but powerful shooters
- Can shoot while engaged
- Very well protected from enemy shooting
- Elite archers
- Can shoot quickly or accurately
- Can sap enemy morale
Soffrances Ympes Mangonel
- Large monsters with a lot of HP
- Efficient against most enemies
- Inflict nasty side effects
- Offensive casters
- Agile but very vulnerable
- Dangerous for enemy casters
- Field artillery
- Slow, inaccurate but deadly
- Long-ranged projectiles
Serjants (Sword) Serjants (Spear) Dominicani
- Core offensive infantry
- Shines in prolonged melees
- Excellent against lightly armoured foes
- Core defensive infantry
- Excellent against cavalry and monsters
- Good charge receiver
- Healers
- Wide area support
- Offensive effects
Minores Evocati Nephilim
- Healers
- Wide area support
- Defensive effects
- Powerful close combat unit
- Can fly
- Can heal itself
- Powerful close combat unit
- Teleports itself
- Invokes curses on enemies
Emissarius Legionari Berserkr
- Crowd killer
- Dangerous for its allies
- Huge and intimidating
- Mix of melee and shooting
- High damage
- Very resistant to shooting
- Skirmishers
- Fast and furious
- Fragile

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