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To explain a strategy, a good article often needs a good visual support. You will find in this page a collection of visuals to make your texts easier to understand and more appealing to your readers.

To use these visuals, simply click on the thumbnail image, and click on "Full Resolution" (if available) to get the best quality possible. Then, depending on your browser, you can either drag-and-drop the image to a folder or right-click and select "Save Image As".

You will need an image composition software like Adobe Photoshop Elements to combine these visuals into a coherent image. Good luck!


a bunch of trees
A 5X4 battlefield
a fence

Units and Heroes

an Ympe

Gameplay Markers

Team Red small marker
Team Blue small marker
Team Red big marker
Team Blue big marker
Red movement 1 zone
Blue movement 1 zone
Red ranged attack 1 zone
Blue ranged attack 1 zone
Red ranged attack 3 zones
Blue ranged attack 3 zones
Red movement 2 zone
Blue movement 2 zone
Red ranged attack 2 zones
Blue ranged attack 2 zones