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Ex illis is a miniature wargame set in a realistic-fantasy world that uses technology to enhance your gaming experience.

The Story


...a world completely different from the one we know, altered by the Flael, a strange fog that spread over the lands of Europe in 1246. Each passage of the fog has brought great upheaval: unexpected disappearances, monstrous metamorphoses and the arrival of creatures of legend. Former rulers and mythic heroes have blurred Europe’s borders, causing endless political strife inside the different kingdoms of Europe. Now, mythological beings share everyday life with ordinary people. It’s quite a common thing to see ogres travelling with pedlars, fairies fighting with pitiless outlaws for every inch of woods and angels charging alongside men-at-arms.

If commoners strive as best as they can to protect themselves from numerous gangs of brigands that regularly pillage remote villages, they receive little help from their lords too occupied with their wars against each other for estates torn apart by all these battles. Opportunistic traders make a mint of money with wealthy nobles seeking for glory and prestige in a world where everything can happen.

Meanwhile peasants defend day after day their meagre harvests against marching armies and hungry creatures. Starvation slowly becomes the norm; fear chases travellers from road and foreigners from cities. Many turn to the mercenary life or become outlaws, finding it easier to fall back on brigandage than to protect a family in this dangerous world.

Sometimes at a bend in the path or behind a closed door, a smile skims over the lips of a man returning home after war and seeing his wife waiting in front of their house; sometimes, laughter resonate around a fire after a victorious battle. But happiness is rare in these difficult times: everyday life is a landscape stained with blood, fire, tears and dread. The last pieces of faith that still cling to the hearts of brave men slowly wither.

Every being must constantly fight against its ever more numerous enemies. All must learn to kill to protect their own life. City streets are populated with orphans thrown into a cruel and violent world where their only chance to make it through another day depends on their will to survive. This is a dark age where only the brave, the strong and the ambitious will succeed. This is an age where true warriors will shine. This is the age of Ex illis. Read more...

The Miniatures

Staying consistent with our narration, we chose a realistic look and feel for our miniatures. Details, weapon sizes, hands, heads and other anatomical proportions are much closer to actual human proportions. See full gallery...

Concept art: Jeff Brazeau
3D sculpt: Guillaume Lachance
Paint: Thierry Husser
Concept art: Jeff Brazeau
3D sculpt: Guillaume Lachance
Paint: Thierry Husser
Concept art: Jeff Brazeau
3D sculpt: Guillaume Lachance
Paint: Sebastien Picque

The Game

In Ex illis, you play on a large battlefield divided into 'zones' and the units move from one zone to another. On a unit's turn, you choose between the various actions available to your unit in the Rule Keeper software, such as attacking, charging or casting a spell. The screen then shows the miniatures fighting, blocking or evading hits, so both players can witness the results of their actions on enemy troops.


The physical battlefield gives you all the game's macro information (the General's view), while the Rule Keeper software shows one zone at a time (the soldier's view) in more detail (Hit Points left, status effects, etc). This means you create all your strategies by looking at the battlefield, and you feel like you are right in the thick of the action as your troops exchange blows with the enemy. Here's a brief overview of the gameplay...

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