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Ex illis is a game off the beaten path. Mixing technology with the human interaction of a tabletop game offers many advantages. The question is not so much why Ex illis, but rather why Wargaming 2.0... and the answers are plentiful!

  • Because everyone can start playing right away, without having to go through hours of reading rule books (although you can if you choose to). Chances are you will make tactical errors at first, but they will not hinder the flow of the battle or prevent you from finishing a game or three. The game and the encyclopedia guide you through your first few battles, and makes it fun to setup a game with a friend or a member of your family, even if they have never played a wargame before.

  • Because computers are good at remembering vast amounts of data and crunching difficult algorithms, you will experience in Ex illis an intricate gameplay system and unprecedented level of depth that was simply impossible before. The operational aspects are streamlined, leaving all the room to focus on strategy and the genuine art of war. And if you are a real tactician at heart, every rule, every stat and every gameplay algorithm is available for free online at the tip of your fingers. It's all there for you to master!

  • Because with each passing battle, your miniatures gain new levels, unlock new skills and abilities. In Ex illis, each of your miniatures has a unique 'life' on our servers, which keeps track of its progress and achievements. It is up to you to decide how to develop your units so they best fit your fighting style. This means there is always something to look forward to, and the games you play with your friends in the beginning will be quite different from the ones you will play when both your armies have reached level 45!

  • Because having a Rule Keeper software that execute instantly your orders, keep track of data and rules, you don't have to worry about forgetting something, misapplying a rule, or arguing about the quarter of an inch. This adds up to a fast, convenient and pleasant experience that can be both laid back and competitive at the same time.

Is it for me?

Ex illis is a new type of game, and as any innovation, it may appeal to some people more than others. Are you one of them?

  • Are you someone who enjoys many form of gaming, on different medias and who's on the look-out for new experiences?
  • Do you love the challenge of strategical thinking?
  • Do you like to share your passion for gaming and miniatures around you, and bring new people into the hobby?

If so, you are probably ready for the challenge!

Getting Started