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William Wallace Miniature
  • Crowd slayer
  • Very good with peasants
  • Powerful war cries

William Wallace is a great combat hero. He excels at dealing with crowds, particularly when outnumbered. He is very versatile for a non-magic-user, able to treat his own wounds and boost his comrades through powerful battle cries. Only wearing medium armour means keeping a lot of his capacities toward defending himself as well as being able to perform in longer fights. He is the perfect choice for bolstering morale and dealing with crowds of enemies.

Heroic Power

  • Against the Odds: Accuracy bonus when outnumbered. The more intimidated Wallace is, the greater the bonus.


Story Notes

William Wallace

Historical records on William Wallace do not all agree on some aspects of his life. Choices have been made to develop and integrate this character in the Ex illis World. However, a few things are undeniable like his love for Scotland and freedom. Furthermore, all chroniclers agree to say he was a very tall man with a fiery temper. In many historical accounts, he plays the role of the typical national hero, bordering on the stereotype.

Unlike the popular belief, Wallace was not a peasant, but the son of a Scotto-Norman knight from the gentry. If some chroniclers do not agree about his education, several believe he has been taught Latin and initiated to antic literature classics by one of his uncles, a clergyman. Furthermore, unlike what is said in some documents addressing a wide audience, Wallace did not wear kilts since this garment did not exist at this time. Clothing resembled much more the one of knights from other European places. Finally, an affair between Wallace and Princess Isabelle of France is unlikely to have occurred since the young woman was only 12 years old when Wallace died and she had never yet visited England, least of all Scotland.

The writing team was well aware that William Wallace died in 1304. But some events occurring in the Ex illis World modified the court of history. Then, in Ex illis, William Wallace's character is still alive in 1309. Since the Battle of Falkirk does not take place, Scotland recovers its freedom and the English invaders are repelled. Wallace does not need to hide anymore from Edward I’s desire for revenge. And if the national hero does not gain control of his country, it is because he has never sought to conquer Scotland and steal its crown. His keenest wish is to give its freedom back to his people and to place a new king, Scottish and legitimate, on the throne.

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Stats Highlights
Good Strength
Good Toughness
Very good Accuracy
Medium Armour
Very good Defences
High cost

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(Attack 150%)

Main melee weapon

Secondary melee weapon

Ranged Weapon










Granted Skills
See if ya can Dance - level 10 Slaughter - level 10 First Aid - level 10
Defensive Stance. William Wallace draws more attacks to himself and retaliates to every deflected attack. William Wallace attacks as long as he hits, up to a maximum of one attack per enemy. Fatigue is added after each attack. Can only be performed while unengaged. William Wallace heals a good proportion of the life he lost.

In Their Very Beards - level 20 Pro Libertate - level 30 Tailed Bastards - level 40
Range 0-2. Target friendly unit ignores Intimidation over 3 turns. Range 0-2. Target friendly unit receives a drastic Toughness bonus over 3 turns. Range 0-2. Inflicts a significant morale penalty to target enemy unit.

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