1309 Battle of the Gevaudan's march

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First round Ghost vs. Salah Addine

We are in the year of grace 1309, king of France Philippe IV did not forget Lengadòc. More than fifteen years ago, the archangel Michael has conquered the country and declared his independence. Today, Phillipe IV helped by his infernals and infidels allies tried to take back the border province of the Gevaudan. Crossing the border by the hamlet of Chambon-le-Château, Salah Addine opened the hostilities. Quickly, the century of the Grey Pilgrims led by Maëv laFey was sent on the scene to slow down the advance of the allied Moors of Phillip IV. The encounter took place around the ruins of Saint-Symphorien. Taking position on more than five acres, the barbarians occupied all the battlefield's horizon. Maëv concentrated her troops in order to use natural obstacles and quickly took up ruins.

The earth shaked … Salah Addine made stones rain from the sky and moved its Soffrances. Our arbalestiers in the open were easy targets, but spearmen came to support them when receiving the shock of titans' charge. The enemy soffrances charged and the line stood firm. Billmen parted and attacked the soffrances and enemy arbalestiers which had carelessly moved. Quickly, soffrances fell under a rain of arrows, bolts and halberd. Maëv moved with his retinue of ympes and concentrated to destroy the enemy's dominicani.

Harassed by enemy's Hobelars, our troops were protected by a game of cat and mouse led by our vileins. The farmers of St-Martin played an essential role in this battle by preventing the enemy cavalry from pushing our lines and decimating our minores occupied with the wounded. Jammed down in a melee, the cavalry was decimated by a volley of arrow coming from ruins. No more was necessary to force the enemy's scatters. A single rider returned to Holy Land.

The enemy moved his troops. Soffrances was only a bait, our units were henceforth split and openly. Billmen engaged against arbalestiers received a charge from swordmen. Fortunately, released from the soffrances weight, they were helped by spearmen and other billmen. The enemy arbalestiers finally broke ranks, followed by swordmen. In front of two furious units of billmen, a unit of spearmen and under a torrent of arrows, they could not stand eternally.

The last unit of enemy's billmen arrived too late to support her companions and was easily crushed by spearmen, billemen and vileins. For Salah Addine, the battle was lost. The archers and arbalestiers took care of the mangonel, the infantry destroyed the remaining arbalestiers and archers. The silence fell as a thunderclap. It was finished for the moment.

Ghost Victory 1 / Lost 0

The second Round Ghost vs. Azraël

The Moors were only the scouts. Much worse waited for our brave soldiers. A bit further that the monks celebrated noon, a new danger watched for the Grey Pilgrims. The fairy Unseelie Forèigean and her devils' retinue penetrated the battlefield. This time, the task was going to be difficult. Six soffrances and three companies of ympes faced us. We had only time to collect our weapons and brace us for the impact.

For the dinner's rest and the care of the wounded, we had slightly moved the camp away from the battlefield and this error cost us the ground's advantage. A unit of ympe settled down comfortably in the ruins of Saint-Symphorien and made a torrent of fire rain on our billmen. Fortunately for us, our archers riposted on the mountains of rotten flesh named soffrances. Their indestructible courage began to pay when one of the soffrances fell, followed by the second. To protect itself from the fire lauched by ympes and by Forèigean, our infantry settled down in wood. It is there that they received the charge first of the soffrances. The battle was intense, but short. Soffrances can only kill two soldiers at time, billmen, spearmen and vileins in the wood attacked all at the same time. Soon the monsters fell and left the field open for a devastating charge.

There was only two soffrances remaining, but they charged restlessly towards an isolated company of archers. Never mind, a fresh unit of billmen ended their advance. Several brave soldiers fell to protect their companions, but they were avenged when, falling from all the sides at the same time, arrows and halberds tore away the demonic essence of the soffrances, returning it to the void. The battle had just ended. A charge of billmen dislodged easily the ympes of ruins, a charge from the three other units of infantry massacred the second unit of ympes openly and all our strengths converged on Forèigean.

The victorious shout of our men still resounds in my ears. Proud, they were. Passionate and doubtless a little bit unconscious also. To have overcome the invader turned Maëv careless and she decided to raid the hamlet of Saint-Vénérand situated on French territory.

Ghost Victory 2 / Lost 0

The third Round Ghost vs. Pock

This time, the ground's advantage fell into the hands of the French. By arriving in front of Saint-Vénérand, the enemy troops had already taken their positions. In the ruins of the church, the enemy mendicums already prayed for the salute of the souls of their believers. A strong escort of swordmen veterans protected the office. Outside, a fairy accompanied with a unit of arbalestiers and protected by billmen stood guard. A little farther, Evocati meditated and hidden in wood, hobelars taken care of their horses. Our arrival did not pass unnoticed, it is hardly if our infantry had time to quarter itself in an abandoned barn. Our opponent, although inferior in number, possessed a robust experience of the fight and the ground. The archers and the arbalestiers tried well to weaken the enemy infantry, nothing made for it. Engaged in the ruins of the barn, the enemy was shielded from our missiles. Soon vileins scattered, Spearmen came as backup and was arras by hobelars and enemy's missiles. The confusion reigned over the battlefield, the one who was going to keep control of the barn would win the battle and the outcome was still uncertain. It's at this crucial moment that the enemy's Evocati charged. Our infantry, not being able to do nothing, was quickly cut in pieces. Fortunately, our archers decimated the enemy infantry and it is with many losses that enemy's Evocati fell by his turn. Regrettably, it was too late. The remaining swordmen charged our lines, the fairy and the arbalestiers made the despair rain on our ranks and it is with bitterness that Maëv had to withdraw towards the forests of Saint-Christophe-d'Alliers.

Ghost Victory 2 / Lost 1

Finale Ghost vs. Broche

A bitter defeat which was expensive in human lives. But there does not end our story because its retreat was cut. Slowed down by the wounded, the ground's obstacles and pursued, Maëv soon had to find refuge in Saint Christophe's church.

Maëv settled down with her retinue of Ympes, mendicum and vileins in the church to protect itself from enemy shootings. Outside, of every sides of the church, a unit of billmen and other one of archers waited for the enemy. To complete our position, spearmen and arbalestiers settled down each on one side. Our whole army concentrated on three fronts.

Maëv laFey was well surprised when the enemy settled down on his positions. Only six units faced us. A mangonel escorted by swordmen instead of the traditional archers, mendicum on his right escorted by a baneret and its retinue of billmen, another unit of billmen at it's side and hidden in wood, chevalers and the general. When this one raised the ecu, the sun reflects a blue blazon with one silver strip alongside two bandage gold accompanied with six golden lion cubs. Hereford! What made an English baron in the South of France? Was it tired chevalers, returning from tournaments in Burgundy, who saw an opportunity to loosen muscles in a beautiful battle? No matter, Maëv was going to unstitch it.

From the beginning of the encounter, the infantry occupied the front of our positions. The enemy hurried to occupy a garret which throned on the battlefield to protect itself from our missiles. Then, he moved his billmen. The clash was violent. All our infantry threw itself head first in the fight, hoping to rout the enemy. This one, accompanied with a baneret, hung on for a long time to receive reinforcements coming from the garret on its left. Nothing was lost, slowly but surely our number gain some ground.

It's then that the enemy cavalry's charge made turn the battle's tide. This time, the morale of our troops became shaky. The enemy baron was more impressive than we had believed. A unit of billmen not engaged began has to threaten our positions, It's then that Maëv made the decision to unveil herself openly. Maybe she would fall but she would buy some time for our troops to charge the mangonel and the enemy mendicum while blocking the march of billmen on our positions. With a little luck, she would attract even the enemy baron in a mortal trap... Regrettably, when she charged the enemy billmen, they retaliated a little too well and Maëv fell.

The fall of our Hero shook all our army. Ympes disappeared at once from the battlefields, our four units of engaged infantry scattered and our mendicum had to find refuge in with arbalestiers. The battle was finished. Our troops fled the battle and it's with a decimated army that they reached our lines. A routed archer got back the body of Maëv after which Michael looked. Of this day, she learnt patience and humility.

Ghost Victory 2 / Lost 2

French version 1309 Battaille de la marche du Gévaudan