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  • Real Name: Florian Avril
  • Username: Cadwe
  • Motto: "Power, strategy and victory!" "Life is a game, play it your way"
  • Location: Near Paris
  • Job: Student
  • Funny facts: First european beta tester

Mini Bio

. I've been in minis for soon 10 years, with breaks along the time. I've grown out of GW since i discovered confrontation 4 years ago, now i never play gw games, and hage a 8000 pts of lotr sitting at home. Before Exillis i played helldorado, conf and lotr.

i'm still studying. i finished high school in 2007 but kind of got lost in the way, now i study retail store managing ( wwith the hope of one day opening my own game store), event managing and large scale marketting (in case i get an opening in a gaming company). As for diplomas i only have an international high school degree

My studies system are kinda weird (you must know french psychology ) so i also work almost full time as assistant manager and salesman in luxury knives, watches and luggage ( swiss powa!).

I discovered exillis in the first ravage article about them, and had the game soon afterwards.

I have only one huge army: everyone comes from the city i consider my home (even if i'll soon be moving out), saint germain en laye, big historical city, with castle and a lot of space, perfect for a fun fluff^^

Major battles

Towards Paris - First parisian tourney

   1rst ex aequo

Paris open

Won in quarter-finals against
Won in semifinals against
Won in final against duckvador

Online league V1 by madnes

-won against Sun Tzu

Online league V2 by yosefbender

- won against ....... (blue and red side both)