Smartah vs Lucifer

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Date of the Battle: Friday, June 18, 2010.

Lucifer's Army:
1 standard starter kit

Smartah's Army:
1 standard starter kit

No obstacles

Witnesses to the massacre:
Rose (owner of Bayshore Hobbies)
Lucifer's Brother in Law (I forgot his name, Edit this Lucifer! )

The Background and set up: Smartah's Point of View
The night of the Bayshore Demo, Rose, Lucifer, his Brother in Law, Canpsycho and myself went to MIGS, a miniature gaming center in Hamilton, to show off Ex-Illis to some very old school historical war gamers. I challenged Lucifer to a battle and it was accepted. After some bragging about not being beaten by any BEK, we both started setting up the board. Lucifer decided to play it safe by setting up his Vileins first, with the idea that Vilen's can't do much and it would be hard for me to figure out his tactics with that first placement. I confused him by placing my Soffrances in the left hand corner of the board, he mirrored. It followed as such, and I don't remember the layout exactly.

The Game: Smartah's Point of View
I don't remember much unfortunately about each and every move. I do remember that Lucifer mirrored my Soffrance movement with his, tying both units up in a hard hitting long battle. I held back my Marenne and Ympes using gust, firebolt and lightning to reduce the health of every unit that was close enough. I also tend to put my francs and my hobs together, and placed back to back for a harder hitting unit. I think there was some frustration on the part of Lucifer, as my units were held back, causing him to move his army forward, fatiguing them moreso than my army, which were rested and primed to attack. I believe this was the downfall of Army Lucifer. At the end, all but his Arbalestier were off the table, if I remember correctly, he removed my hobs, my Vileins and a handful of others. The turning point of the battle was when I charged my Francs at his Longbowmen. All but 4 fell and they ran on his next turn. If I had attacked his Decurion and Billmen, which were in the square next to the long bowmen, the battle would have been much longer, and I would have had many more casualties.

The End: Smartah's Point of View
Lucifer flied the white flag once the only unit left was the Arbalestiers, who were surrounded by Army Smartah.

Once Lucifer has some time, I welcome an edit on this for his Point of View as General of Army Lucifer. Also, pictures will be available soon (I hope)File:The Board