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The first Edition of the Ex illis Open took place at the GenCon 2010, in Indianapolis, from august 6th to august 8th. Our best players flocked from the four corners of the United States, and made the trip to attend to the most prestigious Ex illis tournament.

The event was divided in two parts:

  1. a gameplay tournament
  2. a painting contest

The prizes were :

  • an iPad, or a 1000$ voucher for the winners
  • an iPod Touch, or a 500$ voucher for the second places



The tournament has been one of the highlights of our GenCon presence. Indeed, the Open has been a great show, with 26 contestants in the strategy tournament, and 10 participants for the painting contest. Everybody had a fantastic time. It was a delightful mix of fun and intense battles. We must admit, we are very proud of our community. It is our great pleasure to witness such a gathering of awesome gamers.

We stayed on the edge of our seat until the very last minute of the final. Everybody shined by demonstrating great strategic skills. The miniatures put on display by our proud painters were also outstanding, and it was very hard to choose among such fine artistic work.

Event details

  • Place: GenCon, Indianapolis convention center. (Map here)
  • Time: August 6th to august 8th, from 7pm to 0:00am;
  • Organisers: Rock Mercier (BonifaciusVIII) and Steeve Monniere (Archangel Gabriel);
  • Cheerleaders: Giancarlo Baratta (Lucifer), Alexandre Coissard (Richard Coeur de Lion), Frederic Forest (Friedrich), and Rachid Lamzah (Salah Addine);
  • Game type: Common, 1000pts, 30 minutes time limit (except for the final);
  • Winning conditions: 2 games were played by every competitor during the qualifying rounds. The number of victories where the first winning criteria, with total points as the tiebreaker (where the differential in points at the end of the game was added to the victor and subtracted to the loser's running total). Then a top 8 was established to proceed with single elimination playoffs.
  • Game Pairing: For the first two rounds, players were paired up against others with the same amount of victories. For the playoffs, the strongest players were matched up with the weakest players, based on a seeding system.

At the age of 11, the junior player Jacob Felts (jfelts) succeeded in taking the first place for the playoffs. On top of our vets such as Nestor Torres (MadNes), his sister Melissa (Meltor_1) and Christopher Pastore (The Professor) who made it to the top 8, 3 of our contestants reached that far with a lent muster created by our game designer. All of the battles were very close fought and exciting.

Mat Goldfarb (Untimelydemise), a rookie who were playing his first Ex illis tournament, impressed everyone with his natural strategic sense, winning game after game, making his way through the playoffs, and up to the final.
Michael J. Guyer (mguyer, also known as [Sun Tzu]), on the other hand, struggled every step of the way, but made it to the final, and triumphed with great panache by 500 points.
He even accepted, and prevailed in the secret challenge: facing our game designer, Bonifacius VIII, who was leading an army composed of a level 40 William Wallace and his 3 level 30 Vilein units. Our winner ended up taking home a brand new iPad and a pro-painted William Wallace miniature.

Our most faithful followers had the chance to follow the final live from our Twitter:

Just for you, here is [Sun Tzu]'s winning muster unveiled:
1 Dismounted Baneret English Crown General : Boast, Slander
7 Serjants (spearmen): Shield Wall, Vital point
1 Knight baneret, French crown: Slander, Boast
4 Franc Chevalers: Ravaging Charge, Fiery Strike
1 Marrenne, Unseelie: Gust, Flora Aspect
9 Ympes: Fire Bolt, Lightning
1 Decurion, Gesellschaft des Engels: Benediction, Retinue Healing
8 Serjants (swordsmen): Shield Bash, Shield Charge
7 Billmen: Chop, Defensive Thrust
8 Longbowmen: Swift Shot, Lobshot
8 Minores: Restoration, Divine Carol
2 Soffrances: Brutalize, Endure
1 Mangonel: Boulder, Fire Boulder

Other high profile players' musters and strategies:

Qualifying rounds results

RankNameUsernameArmyVictoriesAverage Points
1Jakob FeltsJfeltsBroken Wing2590
2Nestor TorresChi_madnesGloucester2579
3Mat GoldfarbUntimelydemiseBrec'Helean2518
4Michael J. GuyerMguyerEnglish Crown2284
5Christopher PastoreTheProfessorArth Byddin2208
6Melissa TorresMeltor_1No faction2182
7Timothy LinkOldslannNo faction2-6
8Will WolnerCinci982No faction1377
9Chris BrummettChrisbrummettNo faction1239
10Patrick Ward No faction1239
11Max CadrinLuciferNo faction1187
12Max ModerskiMadmaxNo faction1104
13Alex AlverezKaratekidNo faction135
14John Vanhorn No faction1-80
15Joseph BlomquistMonkeyDenLegio Sancti 1-94
16Tim FeltsTfeltsGesellschaft des Engels1-141
17Caleb WilliamsChrisbrummettBIANo faction1-141
18Bryan HavenHobbit1No faction1-143
19Jorge MartinezClockasaurusNo faction0-74
20Michelle LinkMilinkaNo faction0-238
21Steeve Torez No faction0-288
22Montel ThompsonNavymontelNo faction0-299
23Dan CatlinWrigleyNo faction0-329
24Bethany Catlin No faction0-477
25Brandon Hill No faction0-558
26Richard WardZman117No faction0-673

Final round results

Painting contest

On the artistic side, our public casted their votes toward a Decurion using an impressive not metallic metal technique. The second place was awarded to a pair of Banerets (a Knight and a Dismounted Banerets) with some gorgeous free hand work. The overall quality of our painters' skills were outstanding!