Tournament: Librairie Donjon 08-29-10

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On Sunday the 29th of august 2010, Librairie Donjon held a friendlyEx illis tournament which brought together members of the Quebec City community, players from Montreal, and a handful of Ex illis developers. It was for everyone a fun day to share stories, exchange some ideas, and, of course, play a few games.

Event details

  • Place: Librairie Donjon, Quebec City. (Map here)
  • Time: From 11am to 4pm;
  • Organisers: Rock Mercier (BonifaciusVIII) and Frederic Forest (Friedrich);
  • Cheerleaders: Giancarlo Baratta (Lucifer) and Alexandre Coissard (Richard Coeur de Lion);
  • Game type: Common, 500pts, no time limit (although most people agreed a time limit would have been a good idea);
  • Winning conditions: 3 games were played by every competitor. The number of victories where the first winning criteria, with total points as the tiebreaker (where the differential in points at the end of the game was added to the victor and subtracted to the loser's running total).
  • Game Pairing: For the first round of the tournament, players were paired up randomly (although, by some strange twist of fate, the guy "randomizing" the pairs ended up playing with Andrée-Anne... and lost!). For the two other rounds, players were paired up against others with the same amount of victories, with the top player of that bracket matched up with the player with the least amount of points.

Unsurprisingly, Raphael Chateauvert (Asmodai), who happens to be Bastion's own tester, squarely defeated every opponent in his path. Only Guillaume Hoofd (Kenogui) managed to kill more than half his army.

Final results

RankNameUsernameArmyVictoriesFinal Points
1Raphael ChateauvertAsmodaiValois-Anjou4*876
2Clément Le NézetPockno factions3565
3Jésus LacroixGhostno factions2547
4Rock MercierBonifaciusVIIIArdenti2456
5Patrick-Emmanuel Boulanger-NadeauWilliam WallaceEnglish Crown2387
6Mathieu BrochuBrocheHereford2387
7Steeve MonnièreArchangel GabrielEnglish Crown2107
8Mathias Thiverge-FillionKoboldpadawanBroken Wing2-34
9Guillaume HoofdKenoguiLegio Sancti1-99
10Pierre-Luc MercierPi-Luc80Ardenti1-202
11Jean-Denis MigneaultJDMigGesellschaft Des Engels1-282
12Damien DelautreDDelautreTuatha dé Danann1-309
13Rachid LamzahSalah Addineno factions1-513
14Andrée-Anne MurrayAzraelUnseelie1-515
15Maxime DuboisSkizoBroken Wing0-619
16Carl TchorykTchuckBroken Wing0-702
*the added victory was won in a final match against Clément