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The Maiden Emissaries

Yosef (Lancaster Baron) 7penalty points 690 base points 697 points

Lv 15 Lancaster Baron (+ 5 levels for the shrine of power bonus) 8 lv 10 his elite spearmen My beloved daughter lv2 Marrenne 8 lv 10 swordmen Daughter Decoy 1 lv2 Marrenne 10 lv 5 yimps 8 lv 10 longbowmwn Daughter Decoy 2 lv2 Marrenne 7 lv 10 Billmen 7 lv 10 peasants 4 lv 5 FC (those impetuous French)

Michael's (Sun Tzu) Muster total = 679 with 20 penalty points. 1 lv 5 mangonel 1 lv 5 mangonel lv 10 Dismounted banneret Hartford Baron (7 Spearman) 4 LV 5 Hobelars 8 lv 5 Bilman LV 10 Decurion (8 LV 5 Swordsman) 8 Lv 5 Domincani 8 lv 5 Longbowman 8 lv 6 Peasants

Seeing the Banners of Hereford Baron, he defended the Crown of England I had challenged the Crown of , this brought up old wounds. I knew this was a master strategist *, that I was facing one who had studied the art of war, and was known in many lands as a war master of gencon (although I never understood what that meant he must have coned someone out of a gem). I knew also that he had suffered defeat in a recent battle which would cause him to sharpen his skills all the more.

I did not want yield my beloved daughter, so I the Baron of Lancaster constructed a ruse, finding two girls that looked like my daughter I set them up as decoys. This way my enemy would divide his resources by two thirds, and hurts chances of survival increased. In the night my archers, heavy Calvary, loyal peasants, and my slef with my elite unit in Spearman, stealthily made our way to a forward position commanding a hill protected by both forests and a large obstacle.

My strategy was to take out his daughter before she began her journey, but the master strategist had her position so full of units, so my fire was immediately spread out across so many targets that the little girl escaped my bowman. Contrary to all the battle strategies I had foreseen from my enemy the brilliant strategist had concentrated all of his forces around his daughter creating a protective ring, instead of moving she remained nested in a safe zone.

My daughter and her two decoys were relatively unopposed and began to make the long journey across the land. Then to my dismay those impetuous French knights charged off into the most well defended position, and though they fought nobly in their foolhardy courage they were cut down and failed to achieve any strategic advantage. This master of battles, this Baron whose name shall not be forgotten, crafty little daughter knew the ancient magic and billows over wind, followed by fireballs, followed by artillery fire, rain down on my bowmen and my elite corps, till I saw the last lone bowman running down the hill in sheer madness.

He had removed the only threat to his daughter so she began her journey to the other end of the field. One of my decoy units with Billmen broke off the company and made its way to the place has daughter would arrive, the Hereford Baron seeing the threat dispatched a unit of peasants and a unit of Billman to remove that threat, I was able to soften them up a bit with some fireballs, and my Billman courageously fought off both units until they fled, sadly losing ther decoy on the battlefield but at that time you are ready concentrated his fire to the other two women. The Billman then safely retreated to the far corner protected by the rocks exhausted and resting in a slim chance that they might survive long enough to remove his daughter.

Meanwhile the battle on his front was gruesome my men fought with great courage, I slandered, I rebuked his leadership, and encouraged by men, even though volley fire raining down on them even in the midst of battling his own troops, . I was losing the battlefield, man by man being whittled down, but at last our courage held and there's failed, his units began to flee and I pursued, my own daughter brave soul that she is, join the battle with her swordsman, knowing one stroke of the sword and she would have been slain and all we fought for would have been lost in a stroke. Her courage and her men's courage pushed back pushed back, until at last she was able to stand in the appointed place. She had arrived and was safe which gave great strength to my soul.

Only two men stood beside me, with a battlefield strewn other bodies of my once brave warriors. Then the most awful rain of arrows, and artillery fire fell down upon our heads, we had survived six hand-to-hand combat encounters, we were exhausted beyond exhaustion, but somehow the powers of the shrine which were not felt at first but grew steadily in the heat of battle with every sword stroke I seem to be made impervious of the blows and wounds that my body carried, no mortal could survive the onslaught all now were dead around me and still my enemy rained upon my head volly after volley, somehow I stood my ground, and although the white flag, was there whenever I issued an order, both my daughter being saved and within me was a courage beyond courage that made me hold my ground,ahh the shrine of power deep magic was clear, defeat was not the option I chose, with grim resolve I fought on a lone warrior filled with battle lust.

His daughter had made it to the end of the battlefield but somehow great confusion** was upon her thinking she was able to fire on the Billman from a safe distance, she found herself ambushed by my Billman who quickly ended her life with the last of her gremlins (yimps) fleeing.

Somehow I had won the day the shrine had proved far more powerful than I could've ever imagined, I stand here today telling this deed that shall be sung song for many generations, I tell you in defeat you can find courage, in hopelessness you can find hope. I will live long to fight again.

  • I really enjoyed playing Sun Tuz and learned an enormous amount about effectively using units through watching him play. And clearly had it been a standard game he would have won. It was more bizarre luck that I achieved the objectives, but I'm not complaining I'll take luck where my skills failed .
    • The team viewer was lagging so far behind that Sun tuz was giving me his orders, somehow as he moved his daughter and yimps ( very effectively I might say as he backed them up and use their fireballs to try to stop my daughter at the endgame) but then when she returned to going to the finish point somehow the models on his proxy board were off, actually throughout the game there were several corrections that had to be made. Anyway he thought he was a further square away so was very surprised when my Billman were able to attack. I'm not sure if there's a better program that can be used but will not create this delay, but even if there is not it is suggested that the both players do often bored checks to make sure the models on their board correspond with the units in the game.

I really enjoyed playing Sun Tuz (Michael) and learned an enormous amount about effectively using units through watching him play. And clearly had it been a standard game he would have won. It was more bizarre luck that I achieved the objectives, but I'm not complaining I'll take luck where my skills failed . And to this day I have never seen a Baneret take more abuse and still survive it was beyond belief. I guess if your daughter lives you're a lucky man.